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Do you credit search customers?

Yes, we do this to verify details provided and understand financial behaviour. We would never do this without your customer’s consent.

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Can I still integrate if I don’t use one of your approved platforms?

Yes, we can provide you with the API to enable you to integrate this onto your platform.

Please contact the business development team on to discuss what technical support we can offer for this option.

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Which platforms do you support?

We currently integrate with Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce but please still contact us if you're not sure if your platform is supported!

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Do you only deal with online retailers?

No, we can partner with every type of retailer whether this would be online, in-store or over the phone.

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Are DivideBuy covered for GDPR?

Yes we are, please read our privacy policy to find out more:

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Do I have to offer finance on everything?

DivideBuy recommends that you offer Interest Free Credit on as many products as you can, this maximises your potential sales and helps increase your average basket value. For Magento & Woo commerce our functionality allows you to select what products you wish to offer finance on, for Shopify all products must be activated for DivideBuy in order for it to work

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Can I have a demo before signing up?

Yes, we’d love the opportunity to show you how our technology works! You can book a free demo with our Business Development Team by following this link:

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Does it cost anything to open an account with DivideBuy?

We don’t charge you any integration fee for using of our developers, who will get you up and running with our technology at no cost to yourselves. To discuss our rates and fees, please call our Business Development team on 0330 123 5997 to discuss the different options available.

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What criteria do I need to have to sign up?

We ask for a minimum 12 months trading history and an annual turnover of at least 500K. However, if you are close to achieving this please do still get in touch as we'd love to hear from you!

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How do we take care of our mutual customers?

DivideBuy take the full fraud and credit risk for our retailers, while giving complete protection to consumers. We also put total control into the hands of our retailers by gathering all orders in one place within the DivideBuy portal and also (where applicable) on a retailers sales grid. Customers with an order can log on to their DivideBuy account to manage their purchases, change payment dates and chat with our customer service team.

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Where is your ?

Our can be found here:

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Do you use brokers or a 3rd party lender?

No. We are the sole lender of the credit we provide, we’re entirely independent and not reliant on brokers or 3rd party lenders. This means that we offer genuine instant credit decisions and higher acceptance rates.

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How does it work?

We work in partnership with retailers to offer interest free credit to customers. We are an innovative point of sale option for your consumers, allowing them to spread the cost of their purchases over a number of months (between 2 and 12). We take care of the credit decision and monthly instalments whilst providing you with the funds to the value of your product/service minus your cost of service rates.

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Soft Search

How do I add this onto my online platform?

As standard we will either install our DivideBuy technology on to your website during the onboarding process or issue your developer with all you need to do the technical install yourself. Please feel free to contact should you wish to have an informal chat about the different options available.

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Do DivideBuy offer a ‘Soft Search’ credit option?

Yes, we do! We would recommend that you add this option to your web platform during the installation process. This is so your customers can get a good idea of what the likely credit decision will be, without impacting their credit score.

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What is ‘Soft Search’?

A soft search is a credit search made on a file that won't affect your customer’s credit score. Although it's recorded on their file like every other search, lenders can't see it and it does not affect their record.

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Refunds & Returns

What to do if a customer wants to return something?

You can find details of how to process a refund following a customer return via your retailer portal depending on platform below:

Magento 1 - View guide
Magento 2 - View guide
Shopify - View guide
WooCommerce - View guide

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What happens if the customer comes to DivideBuy if they are unhappy?

If a customer contacts us as wants to return something, we will always contact you first to confirm whether a refund is to be issued.

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Retailer Portal

What do the status of the orders mean?

You can access our full portal guide online here and view statuses here.

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How do I cancel an order?

To cancel an order you can find details here on how to do this.

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I’ve forgotten my pin, what do I do?

You can visit and click on the 'Forgot Pin?', and follow the online instructions to reset.

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I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

You can visit and click on the 'Forgot Password?', and follow the online instructions to reset.

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How do I modify an order?

If it is an existing order we would be unable to increase the existing agreement, however a decrease such as discounts can be amended. We recommend you call us on 0330 123 5997 and we can discuss further.

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How do we login to the retailer portal?

You can login at:

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What is the retailer portal?

The retailer portal is an system where retailers can log on to manage all their orders, pull detailed reports and create/send custom orders to customers. The portal can often be linked to your online platform and may also enable you to place custom orders depending on what type of integration you have. Check out our handy guide here.

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Contact us

Who are Rematch Credit Ltd?

That is our registered company name, our trading name is DivideBuy.

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What are your contact details?

Please find our contact information here

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