Next Steps – staging

What are my next steps now the module has been installed?

Once the module is installed, the configuration will need to be completed. You can complete this yourselves or pass back to DivideBuy to complete this for you. If you would like DivideBuy to complete this, we will require staging admin access.

  • Staging Admin URL
  • Staging Admin Username
  • Staging Admin Password

Once the configuration is complete, please provide us with two £1 test products, (one DivideBuy enabled and the other DivideBuy disabled), these should look like the below:

From here we would then complete our testing and QA to ensure there are no issues present and subject to the outcome of QA, (fingers crossed no conflict resolution needed), we will then pass the staging site back to yourself, to check you are happy with everything and also to complete your own testing if required.

Once both parties are happy with everything on the staging site, you can then push this to your Live site – please do let us know if you would like our team to do this for you or if you would prefer to handle the move in house. If you would like DivideBuy to complete this for you, we would require access to both the staging and the live site to complete this.

Now the move to live has been made, will then need to go through the same process as we did with the staging site, so you will need to create two more £1 test products, (one DivideBuy enabled and the other DivideBuy disabled).

If you would like the DivideBuy team to complete configuration we will require the Live Admin access (the same as for the staging site). Once configuration is complete, another round of QA and a live test order will need to be completed before making DivideBuy fully functional on your live website.

If you need any help with the configuration or you have any questions please feel free to contact us –

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Page last updated: 21 January 2022

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