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Introduction Section

Here we will outline how to install the DivideBuy module on to your WooCommerce store, along with the changes you will need to make in the DivideBuy configuration to get you up and trading as quickly as possible!.

Step 1 – Install the DivideBuy Plugin

The first step to adding DivideBuy as a Payment Method, is to install the Plugin itself. Below, we detail how to do this:

  • Enter the ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory on your site and upload the DivideBuy Plugin. This can be found in the ‘DivideBuy’ folder in the zipped file provided.
  • Within the ‘Admin Section’, navigate to ‘Plugins’ and select ‘Activate’. The Plugin is now activated.
  • With the Plugin activated, navigate to ‘WooCommerce’ and then ‘Settings’. Here you will notice a new tab has been added, titled ‘DivideBuy’. This is where you will enter the configuration for your DivideBuy installation.

General Settings:

  • Store Name: The name of your store.
  • Token Number: The ‘Token Number’ provided to you by us.
  • Authentication: The ‘Authentication Key’ provided to you by us.
  • Allowed IPs: If you only want DivideBuy to be visible to specific IP addresses, you can enter those IPs here. If you want DivideBuy to be visible to all users, leave this field blank.

Product Page Settings:

  • Environment:   Production or Sandbox – This indicates whether the DivideBuy Payment Method should use the DivideBuy Sandbox Environment (for testing purposes) or the DivideBuy Production Environment (for Live/Day-to-Day operation).
  • URL Prefix: Enter a string that identifies your store’s name. This will be used to generate checkout instances for your customers. For instance, if your store is called “My Great Bike Store”, we’d recommend entering the following “mygreatbikestore” for this field.
  • Retailer Image: The URL of where your Logo is stored (e.g.
  • Enable DivideBuy Banner: If you want the DivideBuy Instalment Calculator to be displayed on your Product Page, select this option.

Cart Settings

  • Button Position: Select here if you would prefer the DivideBuy Quick Checkout Button to be inserted above/before or below/after your Default WooCommerce ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button.
  • Button Prefix Label: Enter any text here that you would like to be added above the DivideBuy Quick Checkout Button. By Default, we recommend ‘-OR-‘.

Step 2 – Enabling/Disabling DivideBuy Payments

  • Select the ‘Payments’ tab of your WooCommerce Settings area.
  • Locate DivideBuy in the list and ensure the ‘Enabled’ toggle is set to active to enable DivideBuy payments with your website. To disable DivideBuy payments, please ensure the toggle is set to inactive.

Step 3 – Enabling Products to be available with DivideBuy

  • Select ‘Products’ from the Navigation Bar.
  • Select a product that you wish to be available with DivideBuy and open the ‘Edit product’ view.
  • Scroll down the page – on the right hand side of the page, you should see a ‘DivideBuy’ section.
  • Here, select ‘Enabled’ under the ‘DivideBuy’ field, to enable this product to be available with DivideBuy. Conversely, to prevent a product from being available for purchase with DivideBuy, please select ‘Disabled’ here.

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Page last updated: 20 June 2022
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