Api A set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service.
Admin access This is the username and password to the backend of the retailer’s website and their admin panel
Authentication Block Authentication is the process of recognizing a user’s identity. It is the mechanism of associating an incoming request with a set of identifying credentials. When an authentication block is in place, this means the user can not log in or is unable to verify the user’s identity.
Basket Link A link that contains a custom order and can be emailed directly to the customer to complete the application.
Custom Order An order that is raised separately from your website within the portal.
Convert+ A DivideBuy widget that gives customers a monthly breakdown of payments, proven to increase conversion.
Cache A temporary storage space or memory that allows fast access to data.
DivideBuy Test Product A £1 DivideBuy enabled product set up for testing and named ‘DivideBuy test product’
Database A database is a systematic collection of data. They support electronic storage and manipulation of data. Databases make data management easy.
ERP An ERP system (or Enterprise Resource Planning system) is a piece of software that allows for the more efficient running of day-to-day activities in an organisation. In the case of retailers that work with DivideBuy, this typically is a separate place to their eCommerce backend where they can review such data as New Orders, Shipping Information, financial details etc.
FTP These are the details that allows to send and receive files directly to and from a retailer’s server’s file system
Hosting Provider A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet.
Non DivideBuy Test Product A £1 non DivideBuy product set up for testing and named ‘non DivideBuy test product’
Retailer Portal The homehub where custom orders can be raised, and DivideBuy features such as Soft Search and reporting functions can be accessed.
SSH These are the details that allow us to establish a secure terminal session with a retailer’s server
Shopify owner password/login Master account for the backend of Shopify
Shopify theme A theme is a template that determines the way that your online store looks and feels. Different themes have different styles and layouts, and offer a different experience for your customers.
Staging site A staging site is a clone of your live website
Soft Search A DivideBuy widget offering your customers the choice to check their eligibility for credit before they buy, this is a ‘soft credit search’ which does not leave a footprint on the customer’s credit file.
Website credentials Usernames and passwords used to access different facets of your website, such as FTP, Admin Panel etc.
Website platform The platform that your website is built on – For instance Magento 2.1, Shopify etc

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Page last updated: 19 July 2022
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