How to run a soft search

Increase credit conversions by offering your customers the choice to check their eligibility for credit before they buy. When a soft search and hard search is completed, we see orders increase by 64%. Plus, soft search doesn’t leave a footprint on your customers’ credit file.

Step 1 – To begin the Pre-Approval Search, click the icon:

Step 2 – Enter the customer’s email address and order amount.

You must read the Terms and Conditions paragraph in full to the customer and ensure that they have agreed to the Terms and Conditions before you tick the box.

Step 3 – After ticking the Terms and Conditions box, click “Continue.”

Step 4 – Enter the customers’ details, click “Continue and Check Now”

Step 5 – The decision window informs the customer that they have been approved. Let them know that they simply need to choose DivideBuy at checkout.

NB: The customer may need a deposit or a guarantor, links are provided with further information about this.

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Page last updated: 13 October 2021
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