Next Steps – straight to live

What are my next steps now the module has been installed?

Once the module is installed, the configuration will need to be completed. You can complete this yourselves or pass back to DivideBuy to complete this for you. If you would like the DivideBuy team to complete configuration we will require the Live Admin access.

  • Live Admin URL
  • Live Admin Username
  • Live Admin Password

Once the configuration is complete, please provide us with two £1 test products, (one DivideBuy enabled and the other DivideBuy disabled), these should look like the below:

The next steps are to complete our testing and QA to ensure there are no issues. Once QA is passed, we aim to complete a live test order. Upon completion of a successful test order, we then confirm, that the DivideBuy checkout is live and functional on your website.

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Page last updated: 21 January 2022
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