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Our DivideBuy logo, badge and icon are our most important visual assets. Use these assets to start promoting DivideBuy on your website as a payment option. Our logos are available in jpeg and png formats. You can also find our Branding Guide for logo use below.

Our Logo

The DivideBuy logo is the face of the brand and has been designed as a whole, not to be separated.

Consistent use will ensure greater recognition for the brand.

The logo has been specially crafted so it is well balanced and unique to the brand.

It must always be reproduced from approved artwork.

The following guidelines show to use the logo correctly and consistently in a way that created the most impact and clear communication.



Our Logo Colour Variations

Whenever possible our main logo should be used in it’s original format however there will be occassions where an alternative version will be required for legibility purposes.

The following are allowed:

  • Inverted Electric Blue
  • Inverted Midnight Blue
  • One colour White
  • One colour Black
  • Greyscale

Make sure approved artwork only is used at all times.

Our Logo Mark

Separate from the main logo there is also a logo mark which consists of the DB initials.
This is always used on a Midnight Blue rounded square or Midnight Blue/Electric Blue on a rounded white square.
On partner sites it may be greyscale.

Clear Space and Minimize Size

The logo is displayed to best effect when it is positioned within it’s own clear space. This means that no other elements must fall within it, e.g. text, images. To define this space the D from Divide is used as a measuring device.


Minimum Logo Size for Print Minimum Logo Size for Digital
To ensure the logo is always legible it should never be used smaller than 30 x 7.5mm. To ensure the logo is always legible it should never be used smaller than 80 x 20.5px

Logo Don'ts

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