Magento 1 Refunds

Step 1

Log into your Magento 1 admin panel and go to Sales > Orders. Find the order that you wish to refund.

Step 2

Click View.

Step 3

Click Credit Memo.

Step 4

A yellow Refunds Totals box replaces the Order Totals box at the bottom right hand side of the page. Fill out the fields you require: Refund Shipping, Adjustment Refund, Adjustment Fee. Click Refund Offline.


The Credit Memo has successfully been created and DivideBuy will be able to refund the customer.

Partial Refunds

If only a partial refund is required, please send the following information to [email protected]

  • Customer name
  • Customer email address
  • Order number
  • Total amount to be refunded

If the refund amount is less than the remaining balance on the customers account, this will be used to reduce the customers remaining monthly instalments and the customer will not receive any funds into their bank account as they would with a full refund.

If you need anything further, please just let me know.

Further Information

Our retail partners are responsible for processing the correct value of their refunds. For those refunds that are processed incorrectly please email [email protected].

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Page last updated: 20 June 2022
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