Qettle: The gas-saving kitchen tap doing 4 jobs at once, for under £500

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For those of us with busy lives, convenience is everything. And now more than ever, that’s also the case when shopping for household goods. 


Progress in technology means you no longer need to physically flick the switch to turn off the lights. You can see who’s at the front door without being home. You can even check your messages and see what the weather’s like outside just by putting on your (smart) glasses.


Advancement in tech very much extends to the kitchen, too. Whether it’s a smart slow cooker, fancy blender or air fryer, the number of available gadgets provides endless options to help you prepare food quickly and effectively. 


But have you ever used or thought about having an instant hot water tap? These brilliant devices mean, amongst other things, you no longer have to wait for the kettle to boil to make a cup of tea!


Trust us: making your cup of tea or coffee straight from a boiling hot water tap is a great feeling. But it’s not just about speeding up the process of making a cuppa. These special taps also cut down the cooking time on common dishes involving boiled pasta, potatoes, rice and veg. That’s in addition to snacks on the go, like instant noodles or soups.  


Want the best hot water tap? Look no further than QETTLE


Those on the hunt for the best hot water tap need look no further than our retail partner, QETTLE.


The advanced technology they use means their taps are now multi-tasking appliances, combining convenience, energy efficiency, safety and style. 


QETTLE promise their customers true, 100 degrees Celsius boiling water and filtered drinking water, all the while offering the highest standards in safety. 


As well as safety, QETTLE’s products are hugely energy efficient. You’ll only use the amount of water you need, as opposed to boiling a kettle of water not knowing how much will be left over. That could mean valuable savings to help combat the rising cost of energy.


Another great thing about these taps is that they use DivideBuy’s interest free credit offering.


And with zero upfront fees, you could be booking the installation of your new QETTLE tap sooner than you may think. 


One of our favourite picks is the flagship QETTLE Original. 

QETTLE Original

From £495*

or £49.50 per month with DivideBuy.

This innovative product does four jobs in one. As well as pouring 100ºC boiling water, it provides filtered drinking water as well as normal hot and cold flows. It’s also superb value for money, coming in at under £500.


The electric hot water tap also offers easy installation and can be used by customers with 2L, 4L or 7L boiler tanks. Finally, it’s easy to understand and use safely, even for children. Offering two-stage safety plus a cool-touch spout, the QETTLE Original dispenses freshly filtered, contaminant free water for the whole family to enjoy.

Want to drink your hot brew on a new sofa?

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If you’re after something different, QETTLE also offer a variety of other outstanding products. Here are some other great options.

Signature Classic

From £785*

or £78.50 per month with DivideBuy.

Beautifully engineered from marine grade stainless steel in the UK, the Signature Classic tap offers stunning colour finishes on top of QETTLE’s superb 4 in 1 functionality. That’s in addition to the option of adding a QETTLE Chiller to cool your water to 3-6C. 


The stainless steel creates an elegantly flared base and spout with white lever handles. Meanwhile, the brass, gunmetal, black and copper colour finishes ensure every hot water tap is both unique and highly durable. 

Love a good, hot brew?

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From £395*

or £39.50 per month with DivideBuy.

The QETTLE Mini is an affordable 2 in 1 tap offering both boiling and filtered drinking water for great-tasting beverages in any season.


Reassuringly safe, its two-stage safety and cool-touch spout makes it very safe and simple to use. And coming with pocket-friendly DIY maintenance tools to ensure your tap continues to work as it should, the Mini would be a superb pick for anyone after a slightly lower-cost option. 

If you want to spread the cost of your new instant hot water tap, but have never used DivideBuy or our interest free credit offers before, find out how it works.


You can browse more DivideBuy retailers by visiting our shopping directory.


*All prices listed are accurate as of 9/12/2022


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