8 Autumn home decor trends to inspire you

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As the weather cools and the days shorten, our focus naturally moves indoors. That’s what makes it the perfect time to introduce some simple upgrades to refresh the look and feel of your home this autumn. A little creativity and effort can ensure it’s your favourite place to be this season.

Why not get inspired by autumn winter 2021 trends before you start changing up your living space? Read on to discover the styles that interiors experts are currently obsessing over. You’ll see there are plenty of exciting autumn trends to choose from. And with our interest free credit options, you can be reassured that refreshing your home for autumn doesn’t have to mean breaking your budget.



Just because we’ve retreated from the garden doesn’t mean we have to abandon the great outdoors entirely. Furniture made from natural materials like wood and stone can help us channel nature’s soothing powers, even inside the home.

Choose earth tones like browns, greens, and creams to add to the natural vibe. If you’re looking for a warmer effect, terracotta is very trendy right now. When it comes to the perfect decoration for a nature-inspired interior, the answer is obvious: plants, and lots of them.


Classic contemporary

The appeal of classic contemporary is explained by its name: it takes inspiration from beloved vintage aesthetics, but it also adds a modern twist. The overall effect is cool, luxurious and timeless, meaning it never really goes out of fashion.


To channel a classic contemporary look, adopt a “less is more” approach. Think striking but simple furniture and neutral tones with strategically placed pops of colour. If you do opt for patterns, make them bold and geometric.

Room dividers

Why are room dividers suddenly back in vogue? Maybe it’s a reaction to lockdown. After so long sharing living quarters, room dividers are perfect for carving out some space of our own. Whether that’s the true motivation or not, room dividers don’t just have a practical purpose. They can also be incredibly eye-catching.

If you look to the catwalk, you’ll see a huge 1970s influence on current fashion trends. The same applies to interior design – and it’s one reason why room dividers are one of this year’s key autumn trends. And if you decide room dividers can give you the new look you want for your home, don’t forget that buying through one of our retailers allows you to split the cost into manageable monthly payments with 0% interest.


Silver furnishings

Rooms furnished in fifty shades of grey have been popular for a while, but the sparklier side of the spectrum is about to take over this autumn. That’s right; silver is huge right now, and there are a few different ways to incorporate it into your living space.

If you’re ready to really commit to this colour scheme, consider purchasing furniture with metallic accents. Glass looks great alongside metal, so you might invest in a glass dining table or even just a silver-framed mirror. For a softer effect, introduce some grey textiles with a glamorous, glittering finish.


Dark green décor

You could say the autumn trend for dark green décor combines two trends in one – after all, this could definitely come under the nature-inspired category, too. However, dark green is a versatile colour that looks right at home alongside a whole range of aesthetics.

As a jewel tone, it can be a beautiful complement to a decadent art-deco themed room. What’s great is that it works just as well with black accents as it does with wood or metals. It’s especially gorgeous with gold. Of all the autumn trends, you could probably make this work with your current interiors.


Shaped furniture

Furniture with a funky shape can be a real statement. An entire room can be themed around the right extraordinary piece. You might have noticed a resurgence in retro egg chairs and 1970s style sofas, for example, which is one way this trend is manifesting.

More evidence of the shaped furniture trend can be found in sectional sofas. They allow you to create your own sofa design by grouping different sections together to fit your space. Thinking practically, this could be a useful option for awkwardly shaped rooms, and it needn’t cost the earth with our convenient 0% interest payment option.


Warm neutrals

Honey, pecan, caramel, and cinnamon. They’re all delicious additions to a hot autumn beverage, sure, but they could also become your colour scheme this season. After all, these tones bring many benefits: they mix and match easily, and they can make the coldest space feel snuggly.


Do you already have wooden furniture? Then all you need is an accent wall and some warm accessories. Think about throw cushions, a blanket, a decorative basket, and some coordinating abstract wall art, all available from our retailers. Small touches can have a big impact!


Reading corners
What could be cosier over the colder months than a reading corner? If you have an underused nook in your home, it could easily be transformed with this purpose in mind. All you need is a pile of oversized cushions or a comfy chair, together with some suitable lighting, to make the ideal space for getting lost in literature.


Now you’re up to speed with the latest autumn trends, find some inspiration online with our home retailers and start planning your home décor refresh. With hundreds of ideas to choose from, you’re bound to find exactly what you need to create your vision and it doesn’t have to break the bank when you can spread the cost interest free.




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