Espresso Yourself – the best coffee machines and what your drink choice says about you

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The first cup of the day. That perfect supplement to a sweet treat for elevenses. An afternoon pick-me-up. That rare post-dinner espresso. 


Coffee’s a wonderful thing. For many of us, it’s one of life’s little treats – something you can arrange your schedule around. It can also provide a little indulgence or a much-needed boost to see you through the day.

The best espresso coffee machine? Make perfect drinks from the comfort of your home


Going out for coffee is certainly a nice treat. But with the rise of remote working and people these days generally spending more time in the house, what’s better than knowing you can replicate that perfect barista hand-made beverage in the comfort of your own home? 


If you’re looking for the best espresso machine around, why not check out our retail partner, Pro Espresso? They’re the official UK distributor of Rocket Espresso, offering their superb Rocket machine and grinder bundle deals at great prices. 


What’s more, using DivideBuy’s interest free credit offering, you can spread the cost without the overall price going up. And with zero upfront fees, you could be enjoying an exceptional cup of coffee in your own kitchen sooner than you think. 


Latte, cappuccino, flat white? What your coffee choice says about YOU.


Coffee plays a big part in many of our lives. And most of us have a favourite.


But what does your personal choice of coffee reveal about you? Here’s what the experts are saying: 



You’re serious about your coffee and actually like the taste. You’ve definitely been to Italy at least a few times, and are a bit of a culture enthusiast. 



Embracing new ideas and challenges can take you a while. Reflective, friendly and a little on the shy side, you opt for the tried and tested, top of the menu beverage. 


Flat white

A strong splash of espresso, a little milk – you’re a ‘round the clock’ professional and you mean business. You’re probably on your way to an important meeting, or to sign off on a big acquisition. 



A wildcard. Outgoing, fun-loving, you’re the life and soul of the party, and certainly not backward in coming forwards. You don’t like the taste of coffee as such, but when did that ever stop anyone?


Latte with syrup such as caramel, vanilla or hazelnut

Straight-laced and full of focus in the week, you let loose at weekends. Work hard, play hard. Right?



You’re a safe pair of hands. Love a routine, and don’t like a fuss. Just espresso and hot water. No milk, no sugar – no problem. 


Filter coffee

You probably are close to – or already – drinking too much coffee. Like your flat white and americano friends, you’re no nonsense (and you love those free refills).



You’re a warm, passionate storyteller and enjoy lengthy catch ups. You spend half your life in coffee shops and your wallet or purse is packed to bursting with loyalty cards. 



You love the idea of drinking coffee with the grown-ups, but really all you want is an ice cream. So maybe just order one instead?


Iced coffee

The Frappuccino lover’s cousin, you’re coming round to the idea of drinking (hot) lattes and the like, but have only just weaned yourself off ordering an orange juice. Either that, or we’re being too harsh and have caught you on a hot day (sorry!). 


Espresso coffee machine: Make your perfect coffee at home.


Whether you agree with the above description of what your coffee choice says about your personality, why not debate over the perfect espresso-based drink from the comfort of your own home?


If you’re wondering what the best coffee machine around is, then Pro Espresso’s Rocket Espresso range offers some of the very best products on the market. 


Here are some of our favourite picks:

Rocket Espresso Appartamento + Faustino Grinder package offer


or from £144.17 per month with DivideBuy

This super stylish, compact and practical unit from Rocket Espresso would be a great addition to any kitchen.


It comes complete with an anti-burn steam wand and top of the range commercial 58mm bronze E61 brew group and thermosyphon heat exchange system, which allows for optimal flavours of espresso.

*All prices listed are accurate as of 11/11/2022

Prefer your espresso machine solo, rather than as a bundle?

Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Cronometro Type R + Fausto Grinder package offer


or from £210.83 per month with DivideBuy

Handmade in Milan, this machine introduces the Rocket Espresso movement – providing access to better espresso in the home without the need to compromise.


Using a rotary pump, this ensures a quiet yet robust pump performance, allowing you to connect the machine directly to the water supply. 


*All prices listed are accurate as of 11/11/2022

On the lookout for some warming recipes or kitchen appliance inspo?

Check out our easy comfort food recipes for autumn, as well as energy-efficient white goods here.

Aside from coffee, our list of fantastic retail partners offers interest free ways to spread the cost on items from outdoor furniture to the latest tech goods. 


With DivideBuy, you can shop your favourite high-end and specialist brands, and pay in a way to suit you.


For more information, or to browse more DivideBuy retailers, visit our shopping directory here.


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