Best indoor training bikes for 2024

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We’re not going to jinx the paltry amount of sunshine we’ve had in 2024 by saying ‘spring has sprung’…


So we’ll just say ‘the weather is warming up’.


Truth is, springtime in the UK is a like a box of chocolates – if that box had the ability to send random gales blowing in your face or spray you with a downpour just when you thought the sun had come out.


With the longer days and warmer temperature that spring brings, we can often feel the urge to get our bodies moving and enjoy not being trapped under an electric blanket. But with the unpredictable weather outside, achieving our movement goals isn’t always easy.


Fortunately, innovation is a wonderful thing – and our merchant partner Wattbike has the perfect solve for this issue.


If you’re not already a Wattbike alum, here are our top favourites products from their popular range (which you can spread the cost on with DivideBuy)!

Wattbike ATOM


*Or spread the cost with DivideBuy.

Achieve your goals with the most realistic indoor cycling experience on the market.


The Wattbike ATOM might seem pricey, but it’s loved by leading athletes for a reason.

This machine boasts unrivalled accuracy, seamless connectivity and customisable gearing for an enhanced real-ride setup.


If you’re keen on virtual training, structured workouts and climbs, this is the bike for you. 

Wattbike Pro/Trainer


*Or spread the cost with DivideBuy.

Want to reach your performance gains in the real world? Why not try the industry’s first-ever air bike?


Spotted in gyms around the globe, the Wattbike Pro and Trainer come together to offer you the purest and most precise form of indoor training.


This model works best for interval sessions, performance testing, and rehabilitation programmes.

Wattbike ATOM Next Gen (Reconditioned)


*Or spread the cost with DivideBuy.

Looking for a pre-loved workout buddy? This reconditioned Next Generation Wattbike Atom, B-Grade is perfectly imperfect but still in great shape!


On the outside, it might show some signs of how hard it’s worked for others, but on the inside, it’s been serviced to function like new.


The bike will be delivered fully assembled and is accompanied by a comprehensive one-year warranty. What’s not to love?

DivideBuy’s retail finance options mean you can spread the cost of a purchase at checkout for longer. For more options, visit our Shopping Directory now.  


*All prices accurate as of 11/04/2024 


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