Unique Picnic Ideas for National Picnic Day

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National Picnic Day is just around the corner (June 18, for those wondering!), so what better way to celebrate than having a picnic feast in your own garden, complete with gorgeous furnishings and delicious food?


DivideBuy partners with a range of great retailers offering some of the best garden furniture around. Plus, with the option of spreading the cost with our interest free credit solution, it’s easier than you might think to create a beautiful picnic area in your very own back yard.


In this blog, we’ll explore creative outdoor dining ideas that will not only tantalise your tastebuds, but also inspire you to transform your outdoor space into a culinary oasis.


1.    Invest in a stylish picnic bench


One way to create a memorable outdoor dining experience is to set the stage with comfortable, stylish furniture. Investing in durable outdoor dining sets, cosy lounge chairs, and ambient lighting can create a welcoming atmosphere for visiting friends and family. 


Whether you prefer a rustic picnic-style setup or a sleek modern arrangement, choose furniture that compliments your outdoor space and encourages both relaxation and conversation.

Ivy Corner Sofa with Rising Table and 3 Stools in Grey Rattan

From £1,199*

Or £99.92 a month with DivideBuy.*

2.    Grill till your heart’s content


What better addition to a posh picnic could there be than the sizzle and aroma of delicious grilled food? Upgrade your grilling game with a high-quality outdoor grill that suits your needs and preferences. 


From traditional charcoal grills to convenient gas or electric options, there’s a wide range of choices available. Experiment with various marinades, rubs, and grilling techniques to create succulent steaks, juicy burgers, and perfectly grilled vegetables.

This outdoor dining table set from our trusted retail partner AMC Furniture would be a perfect addition to any garden. You could fit the whole family around this modern seating area plus a large picnic spread on the table. 


What sets this dining set apart is its rising table feature. With just a simple adjustment, you can transform the coffee table into a dining table, allowing you to switch between a casual gathering and a more formal dining experience depending on how many visitors you have.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800 Grill & Smoker

From £999.00*

Or £83.25 a month with DivideBuy.*

With this quality grill from our retailer, The Pizza Oven Shop, the list of recipe options  to upgrade your picnic game is endless.  


Perhaps a chicken shish kebab will take your fancy? This easy recipe takes only 30 minutes. And with the spice toned down, they’re great for kids too. Serve with a generous helping of chilli sauce on the side, and a delicious, warm flatbread.


Have a vegetarian in the family? There’s a whole host of  simple, tasty recipes that they’d absolutely love. Take a halloumi burger for example – they’re perfect for the whole family, and only take 20 minutes including prep and cooking time.

3.    A pizza oven for the pizza lovers


Who doesn’t love pizza? A pizza oven not only brings a touch of authenticity to your outdoor cooking, but also allows you to create delicious pizzas from the comfort of your back garden. 


With a pizza oven, you can explore various toppings, experiment with different crust thicknesses, and perfect your pizza-making skills. 


Adding a pizza oven alongside your stylish picnic bench will not only elevate the culinary experience but also provide a focal point that sparks conversation and brings people together.

Igneus Minimo Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven + Peel & Rake

From £299.00*

Or £24.92 a month with DivideBuy.*

This Igneus pizza oven from The Pizza Oven Shop is perfect for a picnic and will cook a flavoursome 12″ pizza in roughly 80 seconds. 


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to turn a Greek mezze platter into a pizza, just check out this Greek Mezze Pizza with Keftedes! For toppings, you can use tapas-style items like falafel, hummus, feta cheese and olives to wow your guests.


This pizza oven can also cook roast dinners, lasagnes and casseroles – and you can even bake bread or puddings such as apple crumble. So if you were umming and ahhing about what dessert to have on your spread, apple crumble could be the perfect answer!

Show off your picnic skills for National Picnic Day


With these creative outdoor dining ideas, you can transform your outdoor space into a culinary haven. Whether you’re grilling succulent meats, savouring wood-fired pizzas, or simply enjoying the ambiance of a beautifully set table, the possibilities are endless. So, gather your loved ones and enjoy a tasty picnic right in your back garden.


Our merchant partners AMC Furniture and The Pizza Oven Shop offer a wide range of quality products – all available on interest free credit with DivideBuy. But the list doesn’t end there. To browse more options, visit our Merchant Directory now.


 *All prices listed are accurate as of 08/06/2023.


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