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Christmas is a time for guilt-free indulgence, and for many of us, that includes a festive feast with all the trimmings. Christmas dinner, a few nibbles and delicious desserts are all highlights of this special time of year, and with all the latest kitchen gadgets available via our interest-free finance facility, cooking up some Christmassy culinary creations is now easier and more affordable than ever.

The right kitchen appliances take the strain out of food preparation and make time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable – something that can make all the difference at this time of year, when the average Brit will devote five hours and 36 minutes to cooking Christmas dinner.

As the big day draws nearer, it’s the perfect time to think about how you’ll get your kitchen Christmas dinner-ready. From food prep to cleaning up afterwards, our partner retailers have got Christmas covered, and with everything available on interest-free credit, you can indulge your Christmas spirit without overcooking your finances.


Healthy kitchen gadgets from Froothie

Christmas indulgence doesn’t have to be unhealthy. With Froothie’s array of 0% finance small kitchen appliances, you can enjoy a creamy smoothie for breakfast and, at lunch, tuck into meat and veg cooked in an airfryer without the added fat of roasting. Spread the cost of versatile kitchen gadgets from Froothie and discover new ways of cooking that save time – airfryers can be used to bake brownies for a sweet treat, while some blenders can also cook and steam.


Quality coffee at home from Barista Club

We’re a nation of coffee lovers and nothing beats a freshly made cuppa. Barista Club’s Sage Barista 0% finance coffee machines bring barista-quality coffee into the home, the office… or the home office. Barista Club’s coffee machines have built-in grinders and all the tech to make that perfect after-dinner coffee. Priced from around £599, and available on interest-free coffee machine finance from £49 per month, Barista Club’s coffee machines make them ideal gifts for someone special, too.


Kitchen control from DR Electrical

Christmas dinner is one of the most important – and high pressure! – meals of the year, often involving cooking lots of different things at once, followed by a massive clean-up operation. Modern, efficient kitchen appliances can help make sure everything runs smoothly – check out the top brand 0% finance cookers, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines available from DR Electrical to make sure you’re well prepared to avoid any Christmas dinner disasters.


Kettle-free hot water from Qettle

The UK’s leading manufacturer of boiling water taps, Qettle has created an innovative kitchen gadget that’s sure to come in handy on Christmas Day. Qettle taps dispense boiling hot filtered water in an instant – imagine how much time that’ll save on boiling water for the sprouts! As well as hot water, Qettle taps also dispense cold drinking water from a single spout – and they’re available with buy now, pay later 0% hot water tap finance via our interest-free credit facility.


Easy clean laminate and wood floors from Underfoot Flooring

A smooth, stylish floor is a great investment for any kitchen, and not only because of the aesthetic appeal. Wood and laminate flooring is easy to clean – dropped food, cooking fat and splashes of gravy can be easily wiped away in a moment, helping you stay on top of the turkey and trimmings without being delayed by spillages along the way. Underfoot Flooring specialises in quality flooring, with 0% finance on laminate and wooden floors, spread over two to 12 months.


Gifting kitchen gadgets

Kitchen gadgets are always well received at Christmas, making perfect presents for friends and family alike. From stand mixers on finance for budding bakers to hand blenders for couples with new babies (they’re always useful when weaning on to solids), our retailers offer something for everyone, with the opportunity to spread the cost totally interest free.

With 0% interest credit from DivideBuy, Christmas is covered. We can help kit out the kitchen so you can spend less time on the cooking and cleaning, and more time with your loved ones. See our full list of retailers here – all offering 0% finance.


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