Crib vs Cot – which is best for your baby?

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Finding the perfect bed for your baby is a job that many parents agonise over. It’s important to know what you’re looking for from a cot or a crib before you get started.

In this blog, we’ll offer insights and suggestions to help make your search easier (and more affordable).


What’s the difference between a cot and a crib?


In the UK, the majority of people use the term ‘cot’ instead of ‘crib’. But globally, it’s actually the opposite way around. 


This is mainly because cot is used more often in British English, while crib is used more commonly in American English. 


However, there are some important differences between the two.

Cribs are typically smaller than cots and are often portable. It’s quite common for cribs to be suitable for a newborn baby for their first few months at home.

Some can attach to the side of a parent’s bed (known as a co-sleeper) and usually they’re less than a metre in length.   


Cots, or cot beds, are a little different. These are typically bigger and will last a lot longer as they can be adapted as a baby grows.

Some makes and models can even be converted into a toddler bed, giving quite a bit more longevity for parents that choose to buy them. They’re still small and compact however, and will fit nicely into a nursery or a parents’ bedroom.


Which is better value – a crib or a cot?


Trying to work out whether a crib or a cot gives you better value is a personal judgement. 


On the one hand, cots usually last longer (as the baby grows), so seem a clear winner.

But for parents that may have a smaller amount of space or are likely to need something more portable to allow their baby to stay with grandparents or relatives, a crib might be more suitable.


Think about which is better for your lifestyle and circumstances. This should help you come to the right conclusion for you and your baby.


Can babies sleep alone from birth?


The simple answer to this is simple. New-born babies should always be sleeping in their own cot or crib for at least the first six months


Make sure you have a crib or cot ready for your baby before they’re born. It’s one less thing for the parent of a newborn baby to worry about – which can only be a good thing.


Where’s the best place to shop for baby beds?


There are many retailers to choose from when it comes to selecting your child’s first bed.


But if you’re looking for top-rated brands that won’t break the bank, go with  SimplyBaby. They specialise in everything from cots and cribs, to bouncers and baby changing bags. 


And the best part is that you can spread the cost completely interest free with DivideBuy – which is always a plus!


Here are some of our top picks from their collection:



From £33.17 p/m, 0% credit with DivideBuy

This co-sleeping crib is easy to assemble, with a mesh fabric to ensure good air ventilation.


There are six different heights to align to your own mattress, and a tilting mechanism which can help with digestion or if your baby is suffering with nasal congestion. It also folds up to be super compact when not in use – or if you need to travel.   


Currently £249.00 (RRP £285.75 - SAVE £36.75)

From £41.50 p/m, 0% credit with DivideBuy

If you’re looking for a great value bundle package, then this Snuzpod crib could be just for you. As well as the SnuzPod4 Bedside Crib, you also get a 3D breathable mattress, baby sleep aid, waterproof mattress protector, two fitted sheets and a storage pocket. 


The crib has an innovative new ComfortAir system with air-flow vents, which also helps regulate your baby’s temperature. 



From £31.67 p/m, 0% credit with DivideBuy

This stylish cot comes in grey (other colours also available) and is a great addition to any style of nursery. There are three different base heights to use as your baby grows, with the full cot measuring 125cm in length, 69cm wide and 97cm high. 


It also features a drop side that you can operate with one hand, making it easier to lift your baby in and out whenever you need to.



From £28.33 p/m, 0% credit with DivideBuy

This gorgeous cot bed from Babystyle comes in a rustic wood finish with a robust design and three positions for the base. It also has special teething rails and is relatively compact, measuring 82.5cm in height, 79cm wide and 151cm long. 


When converted into a toddler bed, it retains the same heigh,t but offers a contemporary look without sides. There’s also free delivery on all orders over £49.95 with SimplyBaby to standard UK mainland addresses.

Get more of what you love for less


One thing we are experts in is helping shoppers spread the costs of big purchases like cribs or cots!


Find out more about DivideBuy’s  interest free payment solution by visiting our Shoppers section now. 


*Prices listed are accurate as of Wednesday, October 26, 2022.


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