4 great reclining sofas with smart technology

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Whether its getting cosy on winter nights in, or chilling under the fan with your feet up, reclining sofas are the way to go!


Reclining sofas have been around for a while, but with age comes wisdom – and the latest generation are smarter than ever. Many reclining sofas now come with additional tech features like bluetooth speakers, USB charging ports and even heated seating and massage options.


Here are five reasons why investing in a smart reclining sofa is…well…smart.


1. Wellbeing benefits


Yes, really. While reclining sofas do offer a high level of comfort and relaxation, their ability to recline provides excellent lumbar support and relieves pressure on your back and legs – promoting relaxation and reducing stress.


2. Versatility


Reclining sofas serve multiple functions. Feet up, feet down, lean back, sit up – it’s all covered.


Whether its taking a nap or entertaining guests, reclining sofas make a practical choice for various occasions and living room setups.


3. Space-saving


You might think they look cumbersome, but some reclining sofas are actually designed to save space, making them ideal for smaller living areas. Wall-hugger recliners, for example, can be placed closer to the wall without sacrificing comfort or functionality. 


4. Durability and quality


A well-made reclining sofa can lasts for years, providing you with long-term comfort and value for your money.


Look for reputable brands and models with sturdy frames, reliable reclining mechanisms, and easy-to-clean upholstery for added durability.


5. Health benefits


Reclining sofas can offer health benefits, especially for individuals with certain medical conditions. They can help alleviate back pain, improve circulation, and reduce muscle tension.


Elevating your legs while reclining can reduce swelling in the feet and ankles, making reclining sofas a comfortable option for those dealing with leg-related health issues.


If you’re thinking of inviting one or more of these upholstered geniuses into your home, why not check out our top picks for this season?

2-Seater Sofa with Centre Console

£2,295 *

Or from £191.25 per month with DivideBuy 

The 2 seater sofa with console unit from Tech Sofa comes with power recline and a range of cutting edge features including next generation cooling cupholders and heated seats.


The Series 5 collection is the essence of contemporary, sleek, comfortably cushioned elegance. This two-seater recliner is dressed with 100% premium Italian leather, and is available in ‘Forest Grey’ and ‘Smokey Taupe’.

3-Seater Electric Recliner Sofa

£1695 *

Or from £141.25 per month with DivideBuy.

The Series 6, 3 seater sofa from Tech Sofa was created with the perfect level of comfort and convenience.


The ideal balance of comfort and support is achieved by seats with a layer of pocket springs on top of foam and Dacron fibre, accompanied by futuristic features such as power headrests and heated seats – and is available in Moon Grey and Pure Silver.

3-Seater Electric Recliner Sofa With Dropdown Table

From £2,295 *

Or from £191.25 per month with DivideBuy.

This three-seater sofa is the epitome of comfort and convenience, with a contemporary aesthetic. For great lumbar support, seats are sprung, backs are curved, foam and fibre-filled for supreme comfort.


This sofa comes with a dropdown table and a range of futuristic features – and is available in Forest Grey and Smokey Taupe.

5-Seater Corner Electric Recliner Sofa


Or from £249.58 per month with DivideBuy.

This large corner sofa comes with five seats and a console unit, making it easier for you to relax with the family, whilst using USB ports, wireless charging, bluetooth speakers and even keeping your drinks cool!


It’s a one-colour beauty and is available in Charcoal.

DivideBuy’s retail finance options mean you can spread the cost of a purchase at checkout for longer. For more home furnishing options, visit our Shopping Directory now.  


*All prices accurate as of 12/09/2023 


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