6 reasons artificial grass is eco-friendly

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Artificial grass, also known as synthetic turf, can offer several potential environmental benefits when compared to natural grass lawns. It’s also more hygienic and easier to maintain.  


Of course, it’s important to note that the environmental impact of artificial grass can vary based on factors like manufacturing methods, maintenance practices, and disposal. It’s all about ensuring that you take the most ethical approach to getting that green space of your dreams! 


To relieve any guilt you might be feeling, here are some ways artificial grass can be beneficial for the planet: 


1. Water Conservation


Natural grass lawns require a significant amount of water to maintain their lush appearance.


Artificial grass can help conserve water resources since it doesn’t need regular irrigation – which is great during hosepipe bans or water shortages. 


2. Reduced Chemical Usage


Natural lawns often require pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to keep them healthy and weed-free. While you do need some products to keep artificial grass clean, they’re usually far less toxic.


Eliminating the use of such intense chemicals helps reduce water pollution and protect local ecosystems. 


3. Less Fossil Fuel and Energy Usage


Maintaining natural grass lawns involves regular mowing, which sometimes involves using gasoline-powered lawnmowers. These emit greenhouse gases and contribute to air pollution.


Or, if your lawnmower is electric, it also consumes significant amounts of energy with each use. No-mow grass = problem solved. 


4. Longevity


Well-maintained artificial grass can have a longer lifespan compared to natural grass, which may require frequent replacement due to wear and tear.


This reduced need for replacement can help conserve resources over time. 


5. Less Green Waste


Natural lawns generate grass clippings and yard waste – which can contribute to landfill waste.


Artificial grass eliminates the need for regular mowing, reducing green waste (and the need for a Brown Bin subscription!). 


6. Conservation of Biodiversity


Remember those chemicals we touched on earlier? In some cases, artificial grass can help preserve natural habitats by reducing the need to convert land for lawn maintenance.


This can contribute to the conservation of local biodiversity (just consider some wildflower planters for those bumble bees)! 


The best artificial grass options 


If you’ve decided to go no-mow green, here are some of our top picks from our merchant partners.

1. Zeus PRO 40mm Artificial Grass

£24.99 per square metre*

Or available with DivideBuy 

Zeus has a plush underfoot feeling and is suitable for any area in your outdoor space. You can also use it for light sports, whether it’s for backyard football or outdoor Pilates.  


This low-maintenance alternative to real turf needs practically no upkeep. All you’ll need to do is water it down every now and again (especially if you have pets!) to get rid of any dirt that may have piled up when using it. It can be fitted over a range of groundworks including decking, concrete, sand – and even over natural grass! 

2. Astrea 30mm Artificial Grass

£15.99 per square metre*

Or available with DivideBuy 

While priced affordably, Astrea has a luxury feel and a premium density – meaning it’s ideal for a kickabout with the kids during all weathers. Pet-friendly and child-safe, this lawn is suitable for family entertaining and light sports use. 

This grass has a thick base and realistic grass-like appearance, making it a popular, affordable product (even more so as it’s available on finance with DivideBuy). 

3. Hestia 30mm Artificial Grass

£9.99 per square metre*

Or available with DivideBuy 

Hestia is quickly becoming one of Grass Warehouse’s best-selling, pet-friendly artificial grass choices. People from up and down the country love this option for their gardens as a great alternative to regular grass, especially with young children.


Gone are the days of cleaning up dirty footprints and hand marks in your home. With Hestia, you get the best price artificial grass that is also tough enough to deal with anything! 


DivideBuy’s point of sale finance options mean you can spread the cost of a purchase at checkout for longer. For more garden options, visit our Shopping Directory now.  

*All prices accurate as of 15/08/2023  


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