Beginner’s guide to buying art

Ever fancied owning a real work of art? Something truly original and authentic to hang on your wall and enhance the beauty of your home?

The good news is, you don’t have to bid millions at Christies to start collecting artworks of all kinds. DivideBuy’s interest free credit option opens the door to a whole world of art at affordable prices – from classic oil paintings to contemporary modern art prints and sculptures. Dramatic art statements that can add a focal point to any room and show off your personal creative tastes.

Art brings joy and colour into our homes – and enriches everyone’s lives. Not only adults but children too. From the earliest age, most kids are natural artists and need little encouragement to pick up their paints and crayons.


Fantastic fine art with interest free finance


Whatever your age, thanks to our choice of 0% interest finance plans, you don’t have to fork out a fortune to indulge your passion for fine art. Whether you’re a serious and experienced art connoisseur or a beginner with an artistic eye, you can browse through our retailers’ virtual art galleries and enjoy the pleasure of selecting your own masterpiece. A portrait, a landscape, an abstract – whatever subject or art style you have in mind.

It might be art by an established name, or something fresh from a new artistic talent. Maybe you’ll choose artwork as a possible investment, or simply because it captures your imagination and suits the décor of your home. Art is boundless in its appeal, and with our retailers, you can spread the cost over a period of between 2 to 12 months to suit your budget.


Top tips on choosing your artwork


To get the most from your art, you need to consider how best to display it in your home.

Try to imagine how the artwork will look in the actual spot you plan to put it. Obviously, it needs to fit the space you have in mind. But does it also fit in with the style of your home and the way you live? Is there enough space to really appreciate it as the artist intended?

Think about your existing décor and colour scheme. Will the art complement it, or could it clash?  It would be a shame to buy an amazing piece of art only to realise when you get home that it clashes with your curtains! Think about the materials used, too. Will these work with the textures you already have in the room?

Another factor is the lighting. Ideally, you should try to place the artwork in a spot with plenty of light, to show it off to the best effect. Will there be natural light to bring out the full beauty and impact of your art? If not, maybe you could add some subtle lighting, like a lamp, to achieve the same effect, or even add to the impact.

These are all important points to think about when buying art. Getting everything just right will make a huge difference to your pleasure in owning artwork and displaying it to its full advantage.


The best way to finance beautiful paintings and sculptures


At DivideBuy, we make buying and owning art more affordable than ever with our interest free credit facility, designed to help art buyers access inspiring works of art, without any onerous up-front costs.

We only work with reputable art retailers with a proven track record, so you can be confident you’ll be purchasing artwork of real quality from a reputable source.

Start your artistic journey today by visiting our retail partners in Dividebuy shops.

Page last updated: 07 September 2021
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