4 ways to get your garden ready for autumn

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The seasons are about to turn – but that’s no reason to kiss your garden goodbye. In fact, transforming your outdoor space into something that can be enjoyed all year round is easier than you think.


Here are some steps to consider when prepping your garden for the changing seasons.  


1. Tidy up 


Yes, really. Just do it. Remove any dead or diseased plants, spent annuals, and weeds. Rake up fallen leaves and debris. This prevents the buildup of diseases and pests over the winter.  


Trim back any dead or overgrown branches from trees, shrubs, and perennials. Autumn is the perfect time for light pruning to shape plants and encourage healthy growth in the spring. 


2. Harvest and plant  


If you have any remaining vegetables or fruits in the garden, harvest them before the first frost. You can also consider preserving or storing produce for later use. 


Autumn is the optimal moment for plant spring-flowering bulbs like tulips, daffodils, and crocuses. Plant them at the recommended depth to ensure they have a strong start in the spring. 


3. Protect your plants 


If you have potted plants, consider moving them indoors before the first frost or providing them with adequate protection if they’re staying outside. Be sure to check their specific requirements. 


If you have tender plants that won’t survive the winter outdoors, consider digging them up and potting them to bring inside. Alternatively, cover them with burlap or other protective materials. 


4. Keep up maintenance 


Continue adding organic materials to your compost pile. Fall leaves, kitchen scraps, and plant debris can all contribute to creating nutrient-rich compost for next year’s garden. 


Keep mowing your lawn until it stops growing. A slightly shorter final cut can help prevent disease problems. You can also aerate and overseed your lawn to promote healthy growth. 


Once you’ve sorted your greenery, it’s time to pick some key pieces to help you enjoy the garden even when the temperature drops.  


Here are our four top product picks for creating a cosy autumn space.  


1. Off-Grid Acrylic Hot Tub

£4,500 *

Or from £562.50 per month with DivideBuy 

The Deluxe Off Grid Package is the perfect union of modern convenience and an age-old ritual of relaxation


With our UK-first acrylic liner, integrated external stove and warm thermowood exterior cladding, this package delivers a tub that’s built to last as long as the countryside it nestles into. And as a bonus, there’s no need for electricity to run it! 

2. Soho 5 Seater Aluminum Sofa Set with Fire Pit

£1299 *

Or from £108.25 per month with DivideBuy.

A Divine Outdoors Soho fire pit table is a fantastic addition to any space and will help transform your garden into a hub of activity for everyone to enjoy all-year-round.


Contemporary, sleek, and minimalistic and perfect for any size garden. With its thick cushions provided 15cm, this aluminum set is perfect for entertaining and relaxing all year round. 

3. Igneus Classico pizza oven

From £949 *

Or available with DivideBuy.

This best-seller is perfect for wood-fired cooking as the colder weather sets in. With an internal cooking area of 600x600mm, the Classico can cook two 12” pizzas at the same time within 60-80 seconds.


It also holds two roasting tins or lasagne dishes at the same time, allowing you to cook roast dinners with Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes, lasagnes, casseroles and bread, in volume if needed, making it a great option for entertaining larger groups of family and friends. 

4. Firecracker 3 Burner BBQ


Or available with DivideBuy.

Who says BBQ season is over? Make summer last for longer with this budget superhero. Finished in a matte anthracite grey with accented Fogo red handles, the Firecracker will look ace in your outdoor spot of choice.


With three stainless steel burners, this gas barbecue will give you plenty control to cook up your latest ‘al fresco’ ideas. Two side panels give you ample space for prep and holding the all-important chef’s cold one! 


Double door access storage and a removable warming rack adds up to make this… (we have to say it) a firecracker! 

DivideBuy’s retail finance options mean you can spread the cost of a purchase at checkout for longer. For more garden options, visit our Shopping Directory now.  


*All prices accurate as of 24/08/2023 


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