What is point of sale (POS) finance?

Point of sale finance refers to the type of credit that allows customers to make purchases and pay for them over a fixed period, offered at the point of purchase. Zopa’s retail finance solution, DivideBuy, allows retailers to provide point of sale financing to their customers, allowing them to spread the cost of a purchase into more manageable payments.

The ‘point of sale’ refers to the place where a retail transaction is completed. Whether that’s at a checkout in-store or digitally online, a point of sale transaction has been completed. At this point, the payment is made to the merchant, and an order is placed. 

Point of sale retail finance is simply finance offered at this point in the transaction. Over the past few years, POS credit has grown and grown, with both shoppers and merchants embracing it.

POS finance is offered to customers either at checkout or on individual items. Once in place, the financing enables customers to responsibly spread the cost of an order over time , or even to access an aspirational purchase which is now in reach thanks to credit options. Many customers are likely to choose a POS finance option simply to buy an item which they could comfortably afford over time, but wouldn’t necessarily purchase upfront.

The benefits of cart POS finance

The buy now pay later market has grown rapidly over the past few years. Alongside this, a trend of millennials avoiding credit card debt, but still wishing to make large purchases, has allowed POS finance to flourish.


When you incorporate a POS credit solution into your online checkout, you’re likely to notice a few different benefits. Both the average order value and total number of goods sold are likely to increase, with customers more likely to add more to their basket when they know that spreading the cost is an option.

Customer retention can also see a dramatic increase. Once customers know that they can spread the cost of their purchase at the checkout, they are often far more likely to return to the shop to make additional purchases.

Another huge benefit of choosing a point of sale finance option is that you don’t need to worry about middlemen. At Zopa, we take care of everything from credit origination and finance distribution to settlement. Customers simply complete a quick credit application at the point of sale, followed by an instant credit decision. From there, the customer is always aware of who their credit is with and who they’ve entered into a contract with.


DivideBuy, Zopa’s POS credit provider

Our POS finance solution, DivideBuy, is customer-friendly and entirely paperless. Our solution has reinvigorated POS retail finance for many independent, niche businesses where finance has long been avoided.

Our point-of-sale credit has advantages for both our retail partners and customers. Consumers get a straightforward, seamless way to spread the cost of their purchases and retailers have another way to reach customers who may be unable (or unwilling) to part with a lump sum and would prefer to pay in monthly instalments.

To find out more about DivideBuy and how point of sale financing could benefit your business, get in touch with us today.

Integrate seamlessly with your eCommerce software

We’re entirely independent and are not reliant on brokers or 3rd party lenders. Our unique credit decision engine takes away the need for an underwriter, so we are the sole lender of the credit we provide.

Advances in fintech have made it possible for all retailers, big and small, to offer point of sale finance solutions. And with our industry-leading technology, built in-house which integrates seamlessly with your eCommerce software, you can enjoy the perks of offering interest free and interest bearing credit without the risk or implementation costs. Click here to learn more about how Zopa is helping retailers offer POS financing to customers.


One-step integration

Our industry-leading technology integrates seamlessly with your eCommerce software.

Customer checks out

Customers choose DivideBuy’s interest free or interest bearing credit options at checkout and commit to paying in monthly instalments. We handle all application and credit processing.

Get paid!

When you deliver the goods, simply confirm the details in your portal and receive payment upon delivery. As the credit provider, we bear the credit and fraud risk, not you.

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Please note, a minimum turnover of £2.5M and minimum trading period of 24 months is required to offer DivideBuy finance solutions.

Please note, a minimum turnover of £2.5M and minimum trading of 24 months is required to work with DivideBuy.

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