DivideBuy boosts revenue and customer base for education firm, E-Careers

e-Careers is an established professional training provider. Founded in 2011, their online and in-person training solutions align with globally-recognised accreditations to help fill skills gaps and empower talent to succeed.

The company’s innovative model is transforming the world of virtual learning, forming strategic partnerships with leading F.E colleges and trade unions.  

To date, they’ve trained over 615,000 individuals across a wide range of skills verticals – from accounting to football – and have placed over 4,000 people directly into employment. 

As part of their commitment to providing greater opportunities, e-Careers wanted to allow customers to spread the cost on its courses, rather than paying the full price upfront. 

The Challenge

e-Careers had worked with another consumer finance provider previously. However, it experienced some issues with the lender’s performance. These were major barriers to growth, not only due to impact on revenue, but also due to potential damage in relationships with students. e-Careers core ethos revolves around improving access to quality training and upskilling. But its previous finance solution was presenting some challenges.

Low approval rates 

e-Careers wanted greater accessibility for students, many of whom were being turned down for credit without an option to check their eligibility in advance.  

Cart abandonment  

Poor user experience and a complicated application process were causing students to drop their purchases. e-Careers were looking for a seamless UX that aligned with their own.  

Limited payment options 

Students were only able to spread the cost of their purchase over a short period of time. e-Careers wanted to enhance the affordability of its finance options by increasing the length of repayment periods.  


The Solution

DivideBuy proposed an interest free credit solution that allowed e-Careers to attract a wider variety of customers. Flexible and affordable payment options meant e-Careers could offer more extensive, higher-priced courses to students. With options to spread the repayments over 12 months, plus a soft check option when applying for credit, e-Career’s goal of improving access to finance was met.

It was also impressed with the quick and seamless integration of DivideBuy’s solution with their platform, and its quick credit journey of less than two minutes which was ideal for e-Career’s busy customer demographic.  

24-hour availability and longer repayment periods
DivideBuy’s 24-hour credit solution meant students could apply for finance and get an instant lending decision at any point during their day and spread the cost over longer periods of time.  

Soft credit checks
DivideBuy’s common-sense approach to lending and soft credit checks provided e-Careers with a higher acceptance rate, increasing their customer base safely and responsibly.  

Marketing support and conversion uplift tools
DivideBuy’s Eligibility Checker and Conversion Optimiser tools, along with branded market assets and promotions, empowered students to know their finance options early on in their customer journey. 

Key Results

Benefits of DivideBuy’s approach: 

  • Vastly improved student numbers
  • A higher acceptance rate due to personalised credit decisions
  • Increased revenue and better ROI in marketing 
“Our partnership with DivideBuy provides opportunities for even more people to better their careers and improve their prospects. We’ve found their team and services to be knowledgeable and informative, very easy to work with, and always around to help. I’m delighted to report that the partnership is helping us with one of our key goals - to address the UK’s skills gap.”
Varun Bhatt

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