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If the home is where the heart is, the sofa’s the heartbeat. It’s the place we feel most at home, a haven from the outside world, where everything becomes manageable from the moment we flop. It’s our basecamp for everything that the world throws at us. So it needs to be, well, Snug. Being Snug sets you free from life’s constraints. It’s about pure, perfect cosiness that nudges the reset button and gets you back to neutral. It creates a space to grow, to be creative and to just be as you are. That’s Snug. We are the Sofa in a Box company. We make people comfortable, whoever they are, wherever they are.

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The Big Chill - 3 Seater Sofa Bed
£1622 inc. VAT
This chunky armed delight is ready to transport you and your guests to the ultimate zone of relaxation. Honestly, you’ve never felt comfort like this before. We’ve designed The Big Chill 3 Seater Sofa Bed to have you nodding off in seconds.
The Small Biggie - 4.5 Seater Sofa Bed
£2404 inc. VAT
Never run out of space for your guests again with this 4.5 Seater Sofa Bed. Configured with a 3 Seater Sofa Bed and 1.5 Seater Snuggler Sofa Bed, you’ll be able to invite your loved ones over for a night of entertainment. Once you’re done chatting and playing games on the plush, plump cushions, simply lift them up to reveal the hidden double and single beds.
The Cloud Sundae - 4.5 Seater Sofa Bed
£2489 inc. VAT
Need to find room to host your guests by day and let them snooze by night? No problem. Our 4.5 Seater is the perfect sofa for every host with the most. Made in the UK with marshmallowy soft, foam cushions that your loved ones can sink into and with spill-resistant fabric to withstand any accidental splashes of wine. It's truly built for entertaining.
The Footstool - Bed
£679 inc. VAT
Footstool by day, guest bed by night. Our Footstool Sofa Bed is more than just a spot to put your feet up. Lift up the cushion to reveal a single bed, designed with marshmallowy soft foam to give one lucky guest the night of ultimate comfort.
The Small Biggie - Snuggler Single Sofa Bed
£827 inc. VAT
This snuggler sofa bed is the ultimate space-saving, sweet dreaming spot for BIG comfort in small spaces. The small sofa bed is oh-so-comfortable and perfect for any room in your home. Let your lucky guest spend a night of pure bliss snoozing on the plush, plump foam mattress.
The Small Biggie - Corner Single Sofa Bed
£2481 inc. VAT
This notoriously comfy corner sofa is perfect for a night of entertaining. With enough seats to host all your friends and family and with space for a loved one to stay the night, you’ll definitely be named the host with the most.
The Small Biggie - Chaise Single Sofa Bed
£2039 inc. VAT
Looking for a sofa bed that brings ultimate comfort to your home without taking up too much space? Well, look no further. This Chaise Sofa Bed brings BIG comfort to small spaces. Made in the UK with spill-resistant, vegan and pet-friendly fabric.
The Cloud Sundae - Chaise Single Sofa Bed
£2124 inc. VAT
You’ll discover a new realm of cosy with this Snuggler Sofa Bed. With marshmallowy soft cushions to sink into and a foam mattress curl up on. It also makes for the perfect spot to let your guest stay after an evening spent entertaining.

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