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With so many different products on the market, buying a mattress often turns into a confusing minefield. After a number of tests, trial models and modifications, we’re proud to be able to offer the OTTY mattress – a product which combines encapsulated pocket springs, luxurious reflex foam and unique Cool Blue Gel infused memory foam layer, with supported and strengthened sides, increased air flow border and a removable and washable cover, to offer the perfect night’s sleep. The team at OTTY also realise everyone has unique sleeping habits. However, we’re so confident that you’ll love the OTTY mattress, we even provide a 100-night trial – try our mattress for 100 nights, and if you’re one of the very few who decide our mattress isn’t quite right for you, we’ll pick it up free of charge and offer you a full refund.

These products are popular with shoppers…

OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress
£249.99 inc. VAT
OTTY's most affordable spring and foam mattress uses a combination of 70/30% springs to foam. One of the lowest price points in the bed-in-a-box market yet of a quality found in every OTTY mattress that would put most competitors to shame.
OTTY Pure+ Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Premium Mattress
£599.99 inc. VAT
Designed with the ultimate support in mind, we have created our first 28cm mattress, with up to 4000 pocket springs. The mattress also comes with added benefits from the materials such as odour and moisture-wicking charcoal as well as the antibacterial and antifungal benefits of bamboo, which is infused into the memory foam.
Ottoman Bed Frame
£599.99 inc. VAT
Don't worry all you hoarders, we have got the perfect solution to gain storage space and keep those possessions hidden with our modern, ottoman bed frame. Our ottoman will free stand aided by hydraulic struts from the bed end to the headboard with a generous 34cm depth so you can store all your essentials without having to hold the frame.
Deluxe Microfibre Duvet
£149.99 inc. VAT
Our hypoallergenic microfibre duvet feels like down but is vegan friendly using sustainable filling and encased in a luxury Sateen Cotton. Design to be used for all seasons resulting in a cosy duvet in the cooler months and temperature regulating in the summer. Its a 13.5 tog duvet which has a supersoft touch compared to standard cotton and no crinkle sounds like some duvets.
OTTY Original Hybrid Mattress
£419.99 inc. VAT
The OTTY Original Hybrid is our multi-award-winning mattress. The Hybrid has a combination of springs and foam to create both support from the 16cm pocket springs and comfort from the foam. The top layer combines temperature regulating memory foam, keeping you at the optimum temperature in the depths of winter or on a sultry summer night. All this designed to give you the perfect night's sleep
OTTY Pure Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress
£412.99 inc. VAT
Introducing our premium, luxurious hybrid mattress, with the UK's first bamboo memory foam with charcoal-infused layers. Our bamboo with charcoal mattress is antibacterial, eliminates odours, is able to wick away moisture, and regulates temperature. Suited for people with allergies such as asthma, sensitive skin or those who tend to overheat at night.
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