How Simba used DivideBuy to help drive growth and increase customer conversion by 25%

Simba Sleep is synonymous with the ‘mattress in a box’ eCommerce phenomenon and is now a household name. You’ll have likely seen them on TV, social media, read reviews online, or spotted one of the many, many awards they’ve won!

This fame and fortune is well earned, as the company started from very humble beginnings. Their story started all the way back in 1979 with a single piece of thread, when their family-run business supplied their first spool of thread to a Derbyshire mattress factory. From there, their thread business grew worldwide and has been used in 50 million mattresses in over 35 countries.

In 2002, they decided they wanted to take this one step further and so used their thread to create their very own mattresses. This was a resounding success, which saw them sell over 1 million mattresses.

This success enabled them to pursue their ultimate dream, which was to create the perfect mattress for the perfect night’s sleep.

Simba Website Homepage Mattress Screenshot

They brought together experts in cutting-edge design, foam and springs. Working with the world’s leading manufacturers in these fields, combined with developing their own Simbatex innovation, multiple prototypes and lots of user testing – they designed what they set out to achieve: the perfect mattress engineered for sleep.

Partnerships, and their culture of “working with the best” were key to making this happen. This approach, along with their customer-centric ethos, is something they’ve maintained to help them achieve further success and keep growing.

They switched retail credit providers and started working with DivideBuy in 2019, as they sought a partner that shared their customer-first approach and who could offer an intuitive user experience to help increase conversions.

“DivideBuy has a proven success with conversions, so we were convinced that its offering could solve the checkout problems we were experiencing and lead to a better ROI,” said Jon Moore, Simba’s Head of eCommerce.

We did exactly that. DivideBuy offered Simba a bespoke tool that not only provided the necessary interest free credit payment option, at an increased speed, but could also track the customer journey across its eCommerce website and discourage cart abandonment by providing an intuitive user experience.

Simba 25% conversion rate graphic

Our quick and simple sign-up process worked to the customer’s benefit by retaining interest in the sale, and DivideBuy’s high rate of acceptance meant more customers were able to take advantage of instalment-based payments.

Our solution also showed customers the various options for spreading their payments earlier in the process before making their purchase, which made the final check-out significantly easier and faster.

Simba website 3 types of mattress

James Bradley, our Director of Sales and Business Development, has supported Simba since the start of their journey with us: “We knew Simba wanted to improve the customer journey, providing a better experience for everyone who visited their online store. Our industry-best solution enabled us, and them, to better understand their customers through integrated tracking capabilities.

“The DivideBuy technology integrated directly into the Simba platform, providing an enhanced checkout experience with reduced friction. All this combined meant that our partnership with Simba has helped drive business growth and increase sales, which is exactly what we want to achieve for our partner retailers.”

Simba webpage screenshot of DivideBuy monthly breakdown

Jon Moore, Head of eCommerce at Simba, concluded: “I would absolutely recommend DivideBuy to other businesses looking to implement an interest free credit solution. DivideBuy will work directly with you to tailor a journey that works to your business’ needs, like it worked with us to create a solution that helped us hit our KPIs.”

Page last updated: 25 January 2022

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