5 top products for autumn 2020

As consumers begin to get used to the ‘new normal’ of life in post-lockdown Britain, online retailers can turn a big profit by tapping into the hottest consumer trends this autumn.

Most retailers have a good idea of what sells during the peak months of the year. This year, however, the coronavirus outbreak has mixed things up a bit, flattening demand for some products and while boosting demand for others (hand sanitiser anyone?).

Using search data from Google Trends to track online interest, we’ve researched some of the most exciting products that could get shoppers flocking to your website this autumn.



Britain is a nation ruled by its weather. It’s an endless source of conversation, it impacts on our social occasions and, most importantly, it affects our shopping habits.

Google searches for jackets always peak in September and October, when chill evenings begin to settle in.

Fashion retailers can make the most of the autumn trading period by stocking jackets alongside other cold-weather essentials such as gloves, hats, scarves, and boots.



Coffee machines

Coffee machine sales always peak in the cooler months leading up until Christmas, as people start to plan for the cold, dark days ahead.

And with many people working from home in 2020, interest in top-quality home appliances is likely to be up significantly compared to previous years.

Bearing all of this in mind, autumn is the perfect time for home appliance retailers to start stocking the latest coffee machines.



Walking boots

Walking is by far Britain’s most popular outdoor pastime. And with so many people staying closer to home in recent months, many of us have been rediscovering our love for the great outdoors.

Evidence from Google suggests that, far from putting people off, colder weather in October, November and December increases people’s interest in walking boots.

This year, retailers could be selling to a whole new group of customers that have spent the spring and summer walking in shoes and trainers, but now need some sturdier boots to carry them through the cooler and muddier climate of autumn and winter. Could walking boots be the perfect addition to your fitness store?



Indoor plants

Online search interest in indoor plants shot up at the start of lockdown and, so far, there are no signs of this interest waning.

Popular with apartment-living, Instagram-posting young adults and many other market segments, indoor plants can help bring the inside out – cleaning the air, boosting mood and satisfying a green-fingered itch.

A range of indoor plants could be the perfect product category for lifestyle retailers. You just have to make sure you keep them blooming long enough to sell!


Anyone for Uno?

Trying to predict the hottest Christmas toys is never easy for retailers, but if you get it right then the rewards can be enormous.

One classic toy that has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent months is the humble deck of Uno cards. This simple card game has been bringing families together for generations – and, in some cases, pushing them apart!

Online interest in Uno cards increased significantly during lockdown as people stayed home, and the popular card game has always been a popular stocking filler in the build-up to Christmas. Is it time to make Uno the perfect addition to your toy shop this year?



Bring more shoppers to your checkout

A good, easy-to-use website and a secure shopping facility can help retailers tap into buying trends by showcasing the latest discounts and deals, and target shoppers with well-placed ads.

Meanwhile, giving customers the option to spread the cost of purchases can help in securing those sales – even when money’s tight.

DivideBuy’s interest-free credit option integrates seamlessly with your website and enables customers to pay for their purchases over several months – with no hidden fees to worry about.


If you’re looking to end the year with a bang, DivideBuy is expertly designed to satisfy the needs of both you and your customers.


For more information about how interest-free credit options could work with your website, contact the specialist team at DivideBuy today. We’re specialists in point-of-sale finance that helps your customers spread the cost of their purchases – and gives them another reason to come back to your website.

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