Misconceptions about Interest-Free Credit

Retailers sometimes believe that Interest-Free Credit isn’t for them or their customers

If you are the owner of a retail store, then you’re usually on the lookout for a new idea that will help you stand out from the crowd. Even within a relative niche market, in a digital age, it is likely that you will have many competitors, with new rivals cropping up every week.

The big question is, what can I do to stand out from the crowd? 

One answer to the most effective answers is to offer customers Interest-Free Credit. So, let’s look at several reasons why you might not consider Interest-Free Credit, and we’ll show you just how wrong they are. 

It’s expensive (It isn’t)

Some retailers believe that Interest-Free Credit will eat into their bottom line, while there is a rate payable on orders, this is a flat rate agreed between us and your business when considering your current business model. Also, you must consider the effect that offering credit will have on your sales. Both the increase in average basket size and sales volumes, it’s easy to see how your bottom line will, in fact, get healthier.

It’s costly to get up and running (Nope)

We don’t charge for our API. We don’t charge for the extension. And we install everything for you. The total outgoing that you will have to pay to get up and running with DivideBuy is: £0. We often get asked how we can possibly afford to do that.

I don’t have enough traffic (You do)

Every retailer that we bring on board is done so in a Partnership. Providing you are willing to push credit on your site and extol the virtues of our system, we are more than happy to bring you on board.

I don’t have a Marketing/ Design team to make the most of it (You don’t need them)

We have a team of Designers and Marketing Experts that are here and ready to help you to make the most of Interest-Free Credit. We want you to succeed, and we will do everything that we can to help you to push your new offering. 

Let us know if you know of any others

While these are the main misconceptions that we have come across, there are lots of others out there. So, let us know if there are any others that you have come across!

Get in touch with us 

If you are a retailer looking for a way to increase sales, offering consumer credit from DivideBuy is the way to go. We can get you live in 24hours with no set-up fees or development costs, so it’s never been easier to bring added value to your customers.

Talk to us for advice, and we’ll help you get started. Book a free no-obligation demo today

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