Lights, Camera, Action: Xperience Interest-Free Credit

Xperience Photography

Our memories are something that makes us human. The desire to capture what we see is held by all people across the globe. So, what if we can capture those memories to last a lifetime?

Here at DivideBuy, we work with a large variety of amazing photographers who offer a selection of family portraits, pets, weddings, dance and commercial photography.

Within the last year, we have partnered with The Xperience Group; a business development group for pro-photographers launched in 2014 by Mark Cleghorn who has been consulting and teaching for over 35 years. They’re not a franchise, they don’t sugar coat anything and they do not force anything upon the photography businesses they support – much like us at DivideBuy.

We recently spoke to Jay, Mark’s nephew (who’s position developed into Business Development and marketing for the group) who offered further insight into how a family concept has grown into the support of unique businesses.

“Nearly 10 years ago we launched the photographer academy, originally dedicated to using Vlog techniques to teach photographers. We have different teaching environments including a huge church with a studio-style theatre upstairs, and offices and galleries downstairs. We use this space to encourage and support our Xperience Group. The individual groups actually refer to themselves as ‘The Xperience Family’, which is just beautiful!”

Why did the Xperience want DivideBuy?

From starting The Xperience Group, they have been looking for Interest-Free Credit providers but never believed it could be possible. Mark had which services were available and established it would be too difficult for the photographers to get it up and running – until DivideBuy.

We’ve been able to break down the walls of POS finance, credit providing, and retail solutions but ultimately, it came down to the individual photographers and the core aspects of their business. We help align with their business’ requirements; helping to bring customers through the door and supporting their work without intruding on the way they run.

Whilst speaking to Jay, he said “The photographers have said it’s made a massive change to their businesses. We’ve had nothing but great feedback. Even our recruiter, Laura, uses interest-free credit as a unique selling proposition.”

It’s as easy as Smile, Camera, Action

Our business support is clear, and our hands-on approach means the support you get from our Business Development team aligns with your company’s requirements. Whilst partnering with The Xperience Group members, we had our dedicated team perform a Question & Answer session to see how easy it is for the studios and customers to complete the applications.

The process of onboarding for the photography businesses was straightforward and simple to follow, allowing them to support their customers. For their customers, it was just as quick and easy! Jay advised that he originally had visions of consumers having to wait a day for a credit decision to arrive and was not expecting the whole application to only take 60 seconds!

When asked if there was anything we could develop further on as a finance provider, from either a consumer or partner point of view, Jay advised to not change anything and continue supporting and providing exactly what we do now.

The Smarter Way to Support Your Customers

We had a look at our data and discovered that in 2019 we had over 800 orders placed throughout the photography sector. These orders had an average spend of £750 per order. Offering interest-free credit to your customers means that they can spread the cost of their purchase into manageable instalments. As the retailer, you receive payment in full whilst your customer can choose a payment schedule from 2 to 12 months. Whether you want the ability to up-sell, reduce basket abandonment, or increase sales, DivideBuy allows you to drive conversions in the direction you wish to take them.

In the last 2 months we have partnered with 27 more amazing photography businesses– would you like to be next?

Book a demo with our business development team to find out more!

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