Isolation Inspiration

As the news of coronavirus spreads and a lot of us are self-isolating for the foreseeable future, we have a few ideas to help keep on top of your mind if you have to self-isolate or feel safer staying indoors. Here are our top 10 inspiration ideas to keep you busy whilst staying safe.

Start a new hobby

Read a book or order art supplies. Embark on a creative arts and crafts challenge, from sketching to pottery.

Do an online shop

Why don’t you treat yourself to a new purchase? There’s no need to worry about missing the delivery.

Start an online training course

Take the time to learn a new skill, expand your knowledge or even plan for a new career.

Start gardening

Lots of studies show the importance gardening has on our mental health. Take this time to get into the garden. Or, if you don’t have a garden, you could start growing herbs in your kitchen windowsill instead.


Maybe you’ve always wanted to start baking but never have the time to get out the mixer. Now is time to buy some new gadgets and get messy in the kitchen.

Crack the games out

Challenge your significant other/flatmate/mum to a game of six-hour, relationship-testing Monopoly. Or, maybe it’s time for a new battleground?

Work out at home

As gyms close, more and more people are taking to the mat, bike, or weights at home. Just think, you can do the exercises in your own time and on your terms!


Get dancing in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, anywhere! After all, nobody’s watching.

Interior Improvements

Take the time to tackle some of those forgotten jobs. Be that painting your wall or plan for a full replumb.

Use technology to stay connected

Nobody likes spending too much time alone. Today we have technology at our fingertips, use this to stay in touch with loved ones.

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