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Dividebuy is a commerce checkout that allows retailers to offer interest free credit to their customers. We work in partnership to offer retail POS credit solutions to over 500 retailers and counting. Our eCommerce credit plugin integrates seamlessly with shopping cart functionalities such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and Craft Commerce

DivideBuy, or Rematch Credit, started in 2014 when our CEO Rob Flowers wanted to buy products for some of his favourite hobbies. He soon realised that it was quite tough and there was no easy way to spread the cost. So, he decided to create something.

At the forefront in interest free checkout, our platform is designed for online retailers of all sizes to offer new credit solutions. If you want to offer customer choice at the checkout DivideBuy has is covered.


How does DivideBuy work?

Hundreds of UK online retailer’s trust DivideBuy to offer their customers value and payment options.

Dividebuy integrates with some of the largest eCommerce platforms to help sell their products.




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Page last updated: 11 May 2022
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