DivideBuy – Retailer Portal User Guide


The DivideBuy Retailer Portal allows you to have more flexibility around your products, services and price as we understand that you may offer bespoke products and services, or even discounts that are not within your website. This guide will help you to make the most of offering Interest-Free credit to your customers to maximise your business.

Initial Set Up

Your initial set up will be handled during onboarding, at which time you’ll receive an email to “Activate Account” and this will contain your link to register your details as a “Retailer Super Admin User”

You’ll then receive a confirmation email once you’ve filled out your details and set up your pin and password. You can now login to your new DivideBuy Retailer Portal.Account Portal

User Roles

We want you to be able to create and manage users within your portal in line with the needs of your business. We understand that all users won’t require the same access rights as others, depending on their role within your business.

DivideBuy has created two “User Roles” within your portal to help you manage what your employees are able to do within the portal. These are:

Retailer Super Admin

Users set up as Retailer Super Admin’s can utilise all functionality within your portal including:

  • View and edit all users that are allocated to your store
  • Add a new user
  • Activate/deactivate users
  • Change their own password and PIN
  • View all custom orders placed within your Retailer Portal
  • Ability to generate and process custom orders within your Retailer Portal
User Executive

Users set up as User Executive’s have less administration access but can create and complete orders. They’ll be able to:

  • Generate new custom orders within your Retailer Portal
  • View custom orders generated via their User Account
  • Change their own password and PIN
Navigating your Retailer Portal

Your portal will be straightforward to navigate. The column on the left-hand side is visible from any screen for easy navigation to different sections.

My Store

Your “My Store” tab is your dashboard. This is where you will return each time you log into your Retailer Portal.

If you have multiple “stores”, you can choose which one you want to view here.

Your Profile

At the bottom of your section column, you will see the icon for your User Profile. You can manage your information within this section.

With the “Edit” button, you can amend any of your information.

Once you’re happy with your changes, you can select “Save.”

Or, if you click “Cancel”, all changes will not be saved.

Please Note: User Executive’s are unable to change their “Role Information”. If you need to update this, a Retailer Super Admin will need to make these changes. This is covered further in section 4.2 step 2.


Within the Settings section, you will find the settings for changing your pin and password.

Changing Your Password

Select “Change Password”

All you will need is your current password and pin number. You’ll then confirm your new password underneath the old password twice.

Once you have entered all your details, select “Send Code” at which point a verification code will be sent to the phone number registered with your User Profile.You’ll receive a text message with a 6-digit verification code. Enter the code into the onscreen box and click “Verify.” A Message will appear on the portal to confirm that your password has been successfully changed.
Changing Your Pin

Select “Change Pin” under the “Settings tab.”

Enter the requested details such as your current password and PIN, plus your new pin and confirmation of the new pin.

Once you have entered all your details, select “Send Code” at which point a verification code will be sent to the phone number registered with your User Profile.

You’ll receive a text message with a 6-digit verification code. Enter the code into the onscreen box and click “Verify.” A Message will appear on the portal to confirm that your pin has been successfully changed.


The following functionality is only available for Retailer Super Admin Users.

View All Users

Retailer Super Admin Users can view all User Executives and Retailer Super Admin accounts.

Within the Retailer Portal select “Settings” from the menu on the left-hand column and select “Users.”

The following screen shows all users that have either a Super Admin Users or User Executive account linked to your store:

Adding a New User

Both Retailer Super Admins and User Executives can create new users.
1. Go to the User list for your store and select “Add New User” via the button at the top right of the screen:

2. The following screen will appear:

Enter the user’s details, including “Role Information” and select “Save.”
3. The user will then receive the email below:

The user will need to click “Complete Registration.”

4. The pop-up form will be auto populated based on the details the Retailer Super Admin User inputted. Please ask the new user to check that this information is correct.

The user will need to create their own unique pin and password. They’ll use this to log into their User Account.
The user must click ‘sign up’ to complete the process.

5. Once the User has set their password and pin, they will be set to “Activated.” Further stops for this are detailed in “Activate a User” section of this guide. Once they have been set to ‘Active’ they’ll be able to use your Retailer Portal.

Activate a User

Retailer Super Admin Users can self-manage users. This is done by activating and deactivating user accounts. This could be useful for seasonal/shift workers or if a member of staff leaves your business.

Don’t forget, you’ll need to activate each new user that is created from within your Retailer Portal.
Step 1 – Go to your “User List” and you’ll see a column labelled “Activate”

Step 2 – To activate/de-activate, select the green/red switch.

Step 3 – A message will be displayed to confirm if you would like to activate/deactivate the selected user:

If ‘Yes’ is selected, the changes to the active field will be saved. If ‘No’ is selected, the changes to the active field will not be saved.

Editing a User

A Retailer Super Admin User can update user’s details within the portal.
Go to your “User List”:
Step 1 – Select the pencil next to the user you wish to edit.
The following page will be displayed:

Step 2 – Make any necessary changes and when you are done, press the “Save” button at the bottom left of the screen. If “Go Back” is selected, all changes will be lost.

If you have one member of staff that works across multiple stores, you’ll need to create a user role for each of the stores.

Custom Order Creation

We’ve introduced this feature to allow you to manage your custom order requirements. The following section will provide a step-by-step guide of how to create a new custom order. The process is the same for any User Role.

How to Create a Custom Order

Step 1 – Select the “My Store” tab in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen:

Step 2 – Select “Custom Order” next to your store name:

The following screen will appear:

Step 3 – Enter the customers’ details within the fields provided.

Step 4 – Click “Add New Product”

Step 5 – Enter the product name, SKU, product price, quantity and choose the VAT option.

Click the update icon

All the fields must be completed before an order can be saved.

If a SKU is not available this field can be used for a reference number. The SKU will be displayed within your usual eCommerce platform.

When a custom order product name is added to the Retailer Portal, the entered SK will be remembered. So, when you come to add the same product in future the SKU will be auto populated.

Multiple products can be added to a custom order by pressing the “Add New Product” button. Pressing this button saves the details for the first product and adds another line for you to enter the next products’ details.

You can edit the saved products by selecting the pencil icon.

Step 6 – Updating subtotal, tax, discount and grand total.
This information can be updated by selecting the “Refresh” button.

Applying a Discount

You may wish to enter a discount. This can easily be done by entering a percentage amount within the “Discount” field and then select “Refresh” button.

The percentage will be converted into £GBP and the tax and grand total amounts will be automatically calculated and updated.

Step 7 – Once you’re happy and the details of the order are correct, hit “Save.”

Step 8 – The following pop-up will appear, where you must enter the customer’s postcode:

The customer’s postcode must be the billing address of the payment card they wish to use.

This will also be used as the customers shipping address.

Step 9 – Once the postcode has been entered, select “View Options.” This will display the shipping options for your store. Shipping options are pulled straight from your “Store Settings” within the Retailer portal.

Step 10 – Choose the appropriate shipping method and click “View Order.”

Once the checkout button has been selected, the custom order will be displayed as shown below:

Step 11 – Once you have reviewed the details and are happy that all the details of the customer, order, shipping and any discounts are correct, click the “Order Link” The will send the order you’ve created to the customers’ email that was inputted for the order.

Alternatively, you can choose to edit the order by clicking the “Edit Basket” button.

Once you’ve chosen to send the “Order Link” you’ll be redirected to a list of orders created within your Retailer Portal:

Step 12 – The customer will receive the following email:

To complete their order, the customer will need to click ‘Complete my Order’ and they’ll then be redirected to the DivideBuy checkout where they can complete our 60 second application.

Fulfilling an Order and Receiving Payment
Integrated Retailers

We’re naming you an “Integrated Retailer” if you have a website which has the DivideBuy platform integrated within your eCommerce platform. This means that any custom orders placed through the Retailer Portal will automatically be displayed within your usual eCommerce sales grid.

Processing a Completed Order

All completed orders will be displayed within your usual eCommerce platform, displaying the order status “Processing.” You can follow your normal flow to fulfil these orders.

The tracking information will need to be added which will be reflected within your Retailer Portal. This will ensure a purchase order and payment is made within the specified time of delivery.

Non-Integrated Retailers

We define a “Non-integrated retailer” as a retailer that does not have an eCommerce website and makes sales over the phone or face-to-face. All your orders will need to be managed within your Retailer Portal.

Follow these steps to process your orders:
Step 1 – When the “Order Link” has been sent to the customer and the products have been delivered, locate the
order from “Pending” within the List of Orders screen and select View Order:

Viewing Placed Orders

Step 1 – Click the “My Store” tab on the left of your screen and select your store.
Step 2 – All Orders are shown in this screen.

Retailer Super Admin Users will be able to see all orders, whereas User Executives will only be shown orders that they have created:

Step 3 – Select “View Order” next to order you wish to view:
Step 4 – Once selected, the order details will appear as shown below:

Order Statuses and their Meanings

Within the ‘List of Orders’ there are a number of statuses that may be displayed when viewing this list. Please find below the meanings of these statuses:

  • Saved Order – A custom order has been created and added to the custom order list. The user still needs to add the customer postcode and select the relevant shipping option.
  • Pending – All details associated with the order have been completed. The email link has been sent to the customer – we’re waiting for the customer to complete their order.
  • Processing – The customer has completed their order via the DivideBuy checkout and has completed their credit application. The customer has been approved and has made any necessary payments. You are now able to process this order.
  • Fulfilled – The order has been processed and shipped. The shipping tracking number has been added to the order within your usual eCommerce platform.
  • Cancelled – The order has been cancelled manually or by the system based on customer inactivity.
Pre-Approval Search

The DivideBuy Pre-approval search is completely free and doesn’t leave a footprint on your customers’ credit files, so their credit score will not be affected.

Step 1 – To begin the Pre-Approval Search, click the icon:

Step 2 – Enter the customer’s email address and order amount.You must read the Terms and Conditions paragraph in full to the customer and ensure that they have agreed to the Terms and Conditions before you tick the box.Step 3 – After ticking the Terms and Conditions box, click “Continue.”
Step 4 – Enter the customers’ details, click “Continue and Check Now”

Step 5 – The decision window informs the customer that they have been approved. Let them know that they simply need to choose DivideBuy at checkout.

NB: The customer may need a deposit or a guarantor, links are provided with further information about this.

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