You’re never too old to start learning a language!

Once you’ve left school or college and got stuck into the world of work, it’s easy to forget how much fun learning a language can be. That feeling of satisfaction and achievement when you learn something new is thrilling and almost addictive.

Not only is it enjoyable, learning a language can be useful, too, whether it’s to chat to the locals on holiday, dive into some foreign movies or books, relocate to another country or to further your career.

You might be put off learning a language due to the cost. But with our 0% interest finance option, you can choose from hundreds of affordable language learning courses and split the cost over a number of convenient monthly payments.


Choosing an online language course on finance


The great thing about online courses is that they make it possible to learn almost any language you like. It might be a language you remember from school, like French, Spanish or German, that you can pick up from where you left off. Or it might be something totally new, like Russian, Welsh, Chinese or Arabic.

When you learn a language online, you also benefit from a host of different tools and techniques to keep your learning on track, like one-to-one classes, group sessions, films, interactive exercises, even games, so if you prefer to learn in a particular way, it’s easy to find a course that suits your needs.

With an online language course, the options are virtually unlimited, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Whatever language you choose, you can finance your learning easily through DivideBuy, giving you the ability to broaden your horizons without blowing your budget.


Impress your friends – and your boss


There is no denying that having the ability to speak another language will impress people. Imagine soaking up the sun at your favourite holiday destination with friends or family and slipping into conversation with the locals!

Learning a foreign language is an impressive skill. It can boost your confidence, help you connect with more people and become more culturally diverse, which is ideal for the modern multi-cultural world we live in. It can also be a great skill to have on your CV, which could put you in a stronger position if you’ve got your eye on a promotion or a new career.


What to look for when choosing a language course online


With so many options to choose from, it can be a challenge to find the best course for your unique needs and learning style. So before you sign up, think about what you want to get from your course and then find a course that ticks the boxes.

For example, what do you want to use your language skills for? Some courses may offer options for different purposes, such as French for tourists, or German for business. They may even offer courses that focus on a particular theme, like cooking or travel, with classes tailored towards those topics.

Think about how much flexibility you need. Do you prefer to commit to a set time every week, in which case a scheduled course would be ideal, or do you prefer to choose when you learn on week by week basis, so you can fit your learning around your other commitments?

If you’re aiming to use your language skills in your career, it might be useful to choose a course that awards you a certificate or some other kind of recognised accreditation on completion.

Look for a course that suits your preferred learning style, too. You could opt for one that offers a one-to-one virtual classroom approach, where you interact directly with your teacher in real-time online. Or you may prefer more of a self-study course, where you complete the work in your own time and at your own pace, with a teacher on hand to support you remotely as and when you need them.


Spread the cost of your language learning


If you’re interested in learning a new language, for whatever reason, don’t let the cost put you off. With our online learning partners, you can spread the cost of a language course into convenient monthly payments and not pay a penny in interest. This means that learning a new language – and the benefits it brings – are more accessible than ever before.

For more inspiration on learning a foreign language and to check out some of the online language courses available, take a look at our DivideBuy shops.

Page last updated: 07 October 2021
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