When is Black Friday, and how do you get the best deals?

Black Friday is on the 26th November 2021 and we know how easy it can be to get caught up in all the excitement of the deals!

Since starting in the US, Black Friday has routinely been the biggest day for sales across the pond – and here in the UK, it’s growing in popularity every year. So being clued up on what is (and isn’t) a good deal is more important than ever.

Here are some of our Black Friday online shopping tips, to keep you on track to getting the best deals.


Know what you want to buy, and keep track of its price


If you are organised and already have a list of things you’re looking to buy, start keeping track of the prices of these items now so you can assess whether they’ll actually be cheaper on Black Friday.

Sites like PriceSpy, PriceRunner, and MoneySavingExpert try to keep track of pricing throughout and suggest when deals are on, so keeping an eye on those is a great way of being ahead of the curve.


Bookmark the items you want


This might seem like the most obvious of our Black Friday shopping tips – but it’s probably one of the most essential ones. In line with knowing what you want to buy, knowing where to find what you’re looking for is important. Plenty of retailers sell similar items, so bookmarking the place where the deal is the best will make your shopping experience much more efficient.

Signing up to retailers’ subscription lists is also beneficial, as that way you can see the price of items throughout as well as discounts, special offers like 3 for 2, and sales ahead of the general public.

Having early access to those offers can also help you to beat the rush. Over the years, some retailers have faced website difficulties across the Black Friday weekend because so many people shop on that one day to get deals, which means you could miss out. Being prepared and signed up already, will hopefully help to avoid that!


Look out for early Black Friday deals


It seems like every year Black Friday deals start earlier and earlier, so you may be able to get what you want without having to wait until November 26th by having a look around at what’s already on offer.

Social media platforms are also your friend this month – retailers are hopping on the trend of offering exclusive discounts with a code on their Instagram, for example, for you to use on their site. We recommend you follow those brands you want to purchase from as you might get a discount code that could get you a better deal – and ahead of the rush of Black Friday too.


Stick to a budget


We know how easy it can be to get caught up in the hype of Black Friday and overspend when there are so many items you would like to buy.

Assess your financial situation, work out what is a realistic budget to allocate for spending on items you want to purchase and stick to it. Don’t leave yourself short for the coming months because you’ve bought items that weren’t necessary, or you could buy at a later date without compromising your budget.


Spread the cost – interest free


Black Friday doesn’t have to be a day when you spend a fortune all in one go, and we wouldn’t want anyone to spend beyond their means just to get a good deal.

DivideBuy is available to use at the checkout of hundreds of different retailers, offering interest-free credit which allows you to pay for purchases over a period between two and twelve months. You won’t be hit with any additional costs, like interest or admin fees, and it only takes a few minutes to apply.

Check out all of the DivideBuy shops here, and be sure to bookmark any that you’d like to purchase from on Black Friday.

Page last updated: 03 November 2021
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