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Valentine’s Day – the one day of the year where love is all around (according to the card companies at least) and showing that love through gift giving is on the agenda.

After the cost of Christmas, and January seemingly being a long month, a cheap Valentine’s Day gift might be on your mind; however, if you are wanting to get the perfect gift for the one you love, why not spread the cost through DivideBuy?

With a range of items throughout our shops (and some great post-January deals), let’s work together to get the gift of their dreams this February.


It doesn’t have to be big


Does size matter? Well not when it comes to jewellery, that’s for sure, and who wouldn’t like a ring-box-sized gift this Valentine’s?

Shop stunning, bespoke rings at John McKay Jewellers and wake your partner up with a gift they’ll never forget.

It’s likely to be one of the most expensive pieces of jewellery you’ll ever buy so help your finances this February and split the cost into affordable amounts (interest free).

If a ring isn’t in the plan yet, a bit of sparkle won’t go amiss either way.

Browse the selection of beautiful items at BMG Jewellery and surprise your loved one with something that sparkles.


Step away from the garage flowers


A bunch of flowers is always appreciated but this year – step away from the last minute flowers and put some thought into something they’ll love (and you will too).

Everyone could do with a relaxing evening now and again, so what better way to do that than with Royal Tubs? A present for them, but also for you (but don’t tell them that).

If that’s a little bit too big of a gift for this year, who wouldn’t love the gift of being pampered?

The Cordless set from CLOUDNINE will have them travel-ready, for whenever you whisk them away for a romantic night, whilst 81 Rose Garden will help glam their hair up for any event.

A new set of nails will have anyone feeling like a new person, so a voucher to get them done will not only give them great-looking hands but also time to just relax. If they’re more of a ‘do it yourself’ kind of person update their kit with some new colours from Nails By Annabel, clear the house for a few hours, and allow them some peace and quiet to give themselves a new full set.


It’s always the thought that counts


We know that many of you may not feel like going out this year due to the ongoing circumstances we’re in as a country, and wanting to budget this romantic occasion.

Save money on eating out by cooking their favourite meal, and instead of a theatre trip afterwards, turn your sitting room into your very own cinema – this list of 80 Movies You Have To Watch At Least Once In Your Life will help you pick one of the best films to spend your night watching.

If your partner is out at work on Valentine’s Day, why not give them something money can’t buy and tidy the house plus have a bath run for when they come home? A moment to relax after a long day is always something to be desired!

Saving for your wedding, and don’t want to spend too much? A gift for your special day could be just what they’re after. A plant or flowers, which you can dry out afterwards and use as confetti could be a cheaper, but thoughtful, Valentine’s gift this year.

We hope this list of ideas will help you get the gift your loved one deserves, but if not there are plenty of other shops in our directory where you’re sure to find something special.


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