Ready, set, grow!

Now summer is in full swing, and the sun is shining, it’s the perfect time to be getting out into the garden.

Not only can gardening be relaxing and fun, getting busy outside with a bit of growing, planting and pruning comes with lots of health benefits, too, from relieving stress and boosting brainpower to reducing the risk of strokes.

Whether you’re maintaining a yard, a lawn or an allotment, the great outdoors has a lot to offer the green-fingered. You can grow your own fruit and veg, admire the flowers you’ve planted in pots or borders, establish a herb garden or create wild areas and watch the animals, birds and insects move in.

Whatever you want to achieve by getting into gardening, you can make a start on your green goals sooner with some gardening equipment. We work with a range of partners who can help you spread the expense with interest free finance over a period that suits you.

You’ll find all the gardening tools you need from our retailers – everything from pruners and pots to large garden machinery, so you can fill your boots and indulge your green thumb without worrying about the cost.


Garden tools to spruce up your outdoor space


The right gardening and allotment tools can really help you get a grip on gardening, and with interest free finance on garden tools, you can stock up on everything you need to transform your outdoor space without having to compromise because of the cost.

Every budding gardener needs the basics. Cutting, pruning, digging and planting all require a few pieces of essential equipment that can help you achieve your green vision.

For digging and planting, you’ll want to invest in a good spade, a fork, a trowel and perhaps a shovel. For cutting, shears and secateurs can help keep plants, bushes and hedges trim and tidy.

Then there’s weeding and maintenance to consider, so you might want to add a hoe, rake and weed puller to your gardening wishlist – and perhaps even a wheelbarrow and composter, too.


Lighten the load with garden machinery


Those bigger garden tasks can become a bed of roses when you can tackle the heavy lifting with some new garden machinery. From lawnmowers to strimmer’s, leaf blowers to hedge cutters, you can pay monthly on even the most advanced equipment with garden machinery interest free credit through our retail partners.

Keep the lawn looking lush with a cordless lawnmower, or – better yet – if you’re fortunate enough to have oodles of outdoor space, nothing can beat the ease of a ride-on mower!

For trees and hedges, chainsaws, pole pruners and woodchippers can make light work of logs, leaves and anything else that needs a touch of tidying up, while rotary tillers and powered cultivators can take the legwork out of prepping soil at home or at the allotment.

For a simple all-in-one solution, consider a cordless garden multitool with a range of interchangeable attachments. Save on space and enjoy the convenience of simply switching heads for different tasks, with options including a trimmer, brush cutter, edger, pole saw, pruner and more.

Ready to wake up and smell the roses? Discover our full variety of gardening partners in DivideBuy shops and get set to grow!

Page last updated: 18 August 2021
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