How to get healthier at home with fitness equipment on finance

Getting fit and being more active regularly top the list of new year’s resolutions every year. With gyms closed and exercise classes cancelled, however, this year poses some unique challenges!

That’s why so many people are turning to home fitness equipment on finance to get fit in 2021. Home fitness offers lots of benefits, from the convenience of exercising at a time that suits you, to the ability to move freely without feeling self-conscious.

All you need to get started is some home gym equipment, and with our retailers offering everything from treadmill financing to cardio equipment on credit, you can spread the cost of keeping fit.


Home gym equipment on finance

Whatever kind of exercise you enjoy, you’ll find plenty of choice from our retailers when it comes to home gym equipment on finance, regardless of whether you’re just starting out or taking your fitness to the next level.

If you’re new to exercise, you’ll want to pick up the essentials like hand weights, resistance bands, a mat and a couple of kettlebells from retailers like MAS Fitness. Or, if you’ve already established a workout routine but want to build strength and take your training up a notch, there are racks, benches and more to browse at GymBeing, all available on 0% finance.

Making the investment in better health and fitness is a big decision, but with our retailers, you can choose from a wide range of buy now, pay later gym equipment and achieve your goals in a way that suits your fitness aims and your wallet.


Cardio machines on finance

If your objective is to lose weight and tone up, cardio is the way to go. Cardiovascular exercise raises the heart rate to burn calories, improve oxygen flow through the body and help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Anything that gets your heart pumping is helping your cardiovascular health – think treadmill, cross trainer or exercise bike, for example. You’ll find the best cardio equipment on credit by visiting retailers like Mas Fitness for top-of-the-range bikes, cross trainers on credit and treadmills on finance.

There are also a variety of machines designed for full body conditioning, using you’re your own weight as resistance – check out Total Gym’s range of home gym equipment on finance for personal training systems that work the upper and lower body, core, and cardiovascular system, all at once.


Weight training equipment on finance

Building strength is a different kind of workout from cardio, and usually involves weights. With regular weight training, you can improve your health, become stronger and change your body shape. GymBeing has everything you’ll need to start building muscle, from weight benches and plates, dumbbells and squat stands, to bundles and full rig systems. And with our interest free credit platform, you can spread the cost over a number of convenient 0% interest monthly payments.

If you’re serious about training and feel ready to push yourself to new limits, you can ease your recovery with the wearable tech on offer from RecoverFit. As used by pro athletes, RecoverFit’s range of muscle therapy technology includes compression systems, hot and cold therapy and massage guns that can be used to warm up pre-workout or to relieve muscles after training.

For training pros after a more permanent solution available through home gym financing, Fitness Tree has just the answer: outdoor fitness stations that can be installed in your garden with a variety of attachments that make a wide range of exercises possible. In fact, more than 100 different exercises can be performed with a Fitness Tree, so you can change up your routine as often as you like.

For everything from crosstrainer finance to outdoor home gym equipment on credit, our retailers are here to help you spread the cost of achieving your health and fitness goals. View our full range of gym equipment retailers here and don’t forget to check back regularly to see our most up-to-date retailer list.

Page last updated: 10 September 2021
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