Hit a high note with DJ equipment and musical instruments

The lockdowns of the last year or so have given us plenty of time to develop new skills and revisit old hobbies.

For many of us, picking up an instrument or dusting off our CD or record collections have helped us through some tough months. Or maybe you want to learn to play an instrument now that life is gradually returning to normal?

Whether you prefer spinning tunes or playing them, you can make music a bigger part of your life with DJ equipment and musical instruments from our retailers.

The great thing about buying through DivideBuy is that you can buy musical instruments on interest free credit and spread the cost to suit your budget. So whether you’re planning to get a new guitar, DJ decks or sound equipment, our trusted retail partners have all the kit you need, at a price you can afford.


Serenade with a guitar


Not all guitars are created equal – there are acoustic, electric and electro-acoustic options to choose from. These span a wide price bracket that starts around the £100 mark, for a standard acoustic model, and rises to around £1,000 for a semi-pro electric guitar.

Our interest free credit option allows you to choose something special without breaking the bank and your guitar can be paid off in instalments over two to twelve months.

If you’re thinking of investing in an electric guitar, don’t forget accessories like an amplifier too – after all, you want to be able to hear what you’re playing. Amps and other accessories add to the overall cost, but with our retailers, you can pick up the whole package in one go but split the cost into manageable instalments.


Mix things up with DJ equipment


If spinning the decks is more your thing, you can get the party started without even having to leave the house by spreading the cost of your DJ equipment. Our retailers cover all elements of mixing music, including controllers, mixers and DJ decks.

From headphones to DJ turntables and speakers, plus accessories like disco lighting, you can create a party atmosphere and bring the club home with interest free DJ equipment financing.

Decks can cost anywhere between £100 and several thousand pounds, and speakers vary in price too. We work with retailers to help you spread the cost over a timeframe that suits you, so you can enjoy mixing music without having to worry about the financial outlay.

If you’re planning to buy musical instruments or DJ equipment using interest free credit, our wide range of retailers can help. Take a look at our full partner list here.

Page last updated: 08 September 2021
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