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Have you heard the songs in the shops yet? Seen the fairy lights twinkling in the windows or the wide-eyed children glued to the toy adverts on TV? Those unmistakable signs that Christmas is once more on the way.

Christmas is a time for fun, excitement, and guilt-free food indulgence. A time for making memories that will last for a lifetime. All that festive frivolity takes a lot of planning, though. Not just presents for family and friends, but also Christmas food to buy and prepare, the perfect tree to find, decorations and lights to hang.

It can be costly, too, and even the most generous budgets rarely escape Christmas totally unscathed. This is where DivideBuy can help. That way, you can still fill-up on your Christmas spirit without overcooking your finances.


Interest free home upgrades


If you’re planning a bit of entertaining over the holidays, you may have decided to apply a few strategic upgrades to your home. At this time of year, we receive a lot more visitors than usual, and it’s understandable to want to make a good impression.

Maybe you need a bigger sofa or a new table to accommodate the whole family? If so, check out retailers like AMC Furniture and Affordable Home Store for some Christmas deals to give your home some festive cheer.

Or perhaps your floor is starting to show signs of wear and tear after a year of heavy use. Brand new flooring from retailers like Underfoot Flooring and Carpet Monster can make an incredible difference to the overall look and feel of a room.


Dazzle with some new decorations


Christmas wouldn’t be the same without some sparkly decorations to jazz up the house. Some choose minimalist and modern aesthetics; others prefer to go all out with green, red, and gold. Maybe you covet a traditional Christmas look, or you prefer to put your own unique spin on the occasion.

You have plenty of options either way at Smithers of Stanford. They offer a huge range of Christmas decorations that include classic nutcracker knick-knacks alongside wackier items such as robot snow globes. Of course, you can’t forget the tree and its adornments either, like those on offer at Direct GB.


Fill up with festive food


Christmas puts our hosting skills to the test, and we all want to treat the ones we love. Not only during Christmas dinner itself, but as we entertain friends and family over the festive break, too. Why not try something a little different this year, like a pizza oven from the Pizza Oven Shop? Add in a seasonal movie, and you’ve got a Christmas night to remember.

You could also add a kick of caffeine to Christmas morning with a coffee machine from The Barista Club. If you have little ones at home, you’ll definitely need the energy! They are handy for guests, too, who’ll be blown away when you offer them a perfectly-made espresso or cappuccino.

If you’re more of a tea-drinking household, you might want to add a Qettle to your kitchen. This is a tap that provides instant boiled water alongside filtered drinking water. Imagine how much time and hassle you’ll save when the family comes to visit!


Planning the perfect presents


What “big gifts” are the little ones in your life asking for this year? If they’re looking for new technology, you’ll find a massive range of Apple products at Mac Store UK. Maybe you’re trying to get them off their screens and outdoors more often. In that case, a bike could make a perfect gift, so head over to Top Class Bikes to check out the latest deals.

How about a Christmas gift for your own personal wish list too? Chloe’s Jewellers and BMG Jewellery both have a huge range of jewellery that’s bound to add a bit of sparkle to your life.


Beauty Treatments


Christmas doesn’t just mean family time, it also means Christmas party season, and we all want to look our best in the family snaps. Whether you’re looking for trendy hair treatments like balayage, keratin straightening, or extensions, or you just want to glam up for the night with a new style, nails, and lashes, you’ll find plenty of options available.

For more inspiring ideas this festive season, take a look at our shopping directory and make this Christmas one to remember.


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