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World Car Free Day on September 22nd is an opportunity to cast aside the car and discover the many benefits of cleaner, greener ways of getting around.


People in hundreds of cities all around the world make a conscious effort to ditch petrol-powered vehicles this week with the aim of cutting pollution and the stress of city traffic for a healthier environment and lifestyle.


Car free days have been held since around 1994 and has grown in popularity ever since. Some cities even close off roads for the day to reduce air pollution and congestion, freeing up the streets for community use instead.


Whether you’re forgoing the gas guzzler for World Car Free Day or want to reduce your carbon footprint all year round, DivideBuy is here to help.


Our retailers offer a range of clean, green transport options, like bikes and electric scooters on finance, so you can spread the cost of reducing petrol pollution in your community.


Get on your bike with finance from DivideBuy


Cycling to work, to school or just for pleasure is a great way to get fit, burn off excess energy and get around without the traffic chaos.


City bikes are designed for street cycling and perfect for the daily commute, whether in support of World Car Free Day, or part of a long-term plan. By buying a road bike on interest free finance through DivideBuy, you can split the cost of taking to two wheels over 2 to 12 months – and you’ll probably save on petrol or train fares, too, so the investment soon pays for itself.


For a little less legwork, an electric bike might be the way to go. You’ll still have to pedal, but with the benefit of battery-powered assistance, so you can breeze through the traffic to and from work. Some electric bikes even fold up, making them ideal for space-saving city dwellers.


If it’s action and adventure you’re after, our retailers have plenty of mountain bikes on offer, too. There are models for every age, across different budgets, so you can pick up a model that’s suitable for all the family.


A quality bicycle is an investment, but it’s not necessarily cheap. With our retailers, you can pay for your new wheels without putting a bicycle-sized dent in your budget upfront.


Be a cleaner commuter with an electric scooter


More than a quarter of us would consider swapping the car for an electric scooter to benefit the environment, studies show, and e-scooters have impressive eco credentials.


Because electric scooters don’t generate fumes, they’re a much greener alternative to traditional vehicles that run on fuel. They’re also quiet, nippy and many models make use of energy saving technology that recycles power back into the battery for a longer lasting charge.


There are different models to choose from; some lightweight and foldable, others that weigh in heavier but offer more speed. Some are kick-assisted and some are entirely battery-powered. All will get you from A to B quicker, more cleanly and less tiringly than a push-bike but they can be costly when paying upfront and average from £400 to several thousand pounds!


Downgrading from four wheels to two is easy and affordable with our retailers, so why not mark this World Car Free Day by investing in a bike or electric scooter that is cleaner and greener. Browse our DivideBuy shops for more inspiration.



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