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If you’re planning to upgrade your skillset, secure a promotion or even change your career, an online training course could be the ideal starting point.

Discovering your passion sometimes comes later in life, or maybe you’re just starting out in the world of work and want to give your CV that little extra polish to catch an employer’s eye.

Wherever you are on the career ladder, you can study now with one of our partners and spread the cost of upskilling in a way that suits you.

We work with a range of education and training course providers offering certificates, accreditations and even university degrees in every industry you can imagine. Courses range from business and IT to media and beauty, with the option to spread payments over 2 to 12 months, interest free.


Business, finance and tech


Business brains and budding entrepreneurs looking for their first big break will find a great selection of business, finance and other professional courses from our partner, e-Careers.

With an online course from e-Careers, you can choose a particular area of business and finance expertise, such as accounting, bookkeeping, business analysis, lean management, or IT, without having to pay a lump sum upfront.

As well as the benefits of flexible budgeting, there are different options when it comes to your preferred learning style, too. Some courses are self-paced and you study on your own online, while others are delivered via a virtual classroom and graded by exams. So you’ve got the freedom to choose something that reflects how you learn best.


Construction and engineering


Tap into some new skills with a plumbing qualification, learn how to get hands-on under the bonnet with a car mechanic training course, or lay the foundations for a future in construction with a diploma in construction, engineering or a related field.

Reed offers a comprehensive choice of training courses across a vast range of areas within construction and engineering, including carpentry, joinery, electrical engineering, surveying, site management and dozens more.

And remember, there’s no need to pay up to skill up. With our interest free credit facility, your learning can be tailored to your interests, and to your budget, by allowing you to split course payments over a more convenient timeframe.


Fashion and beauty


If you want to put your flair for fashion to good use, a fashion design diploma might give you a head start. You can study fashion trends, sketch ideas and create designs at your own pace with an online course from Reed.

Meanwhile, the growing beauty industry is another area you might be drawn to – particularly the fast-growing field of aesthetics. Medical aesthetics training can cost a pretty penny, but with an online course from Fox Academy, medical professionals planning to branch out into beauty can split the cost of their course fees.

With a Fox Academy online course, you can complete most – if not all – of your training conveniently and comfortably from home, or anywhere else with an internet connection for that matter.


Training courses for every career


Our education and training course partners can help you spread the cost of learning new skills or embarking on an entirely new career pathway. You can choose to pursue your career goals in almost any area that interests you, including media, marketing, health, hospitality, fitness and even football.

If you’re ready to kick-start your career or try something new, see what’s on offer from our education and training partners.


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