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Fishing can be a great way to unwind in nature and build confidence at the same time. Relax by the water and then, when you feel a bite, reel in the catch for an unbeatable sense of achievement – not to mention an upper body workout!

There are loads of benefits to fishing, including the opportunity to make friends with like-minded folk, top up your Vitamin D levels by spending time outside, and even reduce your blood pressure.

Like most hobbies, though, you need to have the right kit to get maximum enjoyment – fishing rod and reel, lines, weights, hooks, bobbers and lures, and whatever else you need for a day at the water’s edge.

Don’t let the financial investment put you off, though. DivideBuy works with a range of retailers who supply interest free fishing tackle on finance, so you can spread the cost of casting off.


An easier way to finance fly fishing


If fly fishing is what gets you buzzing, you’ll find everything you need to land the catch of the day from our retailers. From fly rods and reels to fly lines, leaders, tippets and, of course, flies.

And with summer salmon season upon us, now is the perfect time to give your tackle box an overhaul with some new kit. Maybe you fancy a new extra line, lures or flies, slinkers, some different sized hooks or bobbers.

Whether you’re hoping to hook a salmon or tackling up to catch a trout or two, getting your fishing gear through one of our retail partners means you can get started with fly fishing right now and pay for the tackle over a timeframe that suits you.

If you need a new pair of waders to reach the perfect pool, or a hat to keep away the midges, you can get kitted up without splashing out. You can find out more about credit here.


Surrender to the pull of lure fishing


If you prefer something a bit weightier to pull in the pike, pollock or maybe even a mackerel, have a look at lure fishing. Also known as spin fishing, lure fishing typically uses heavier lures, sometimes imitating fish, to attract a bite.

For successful lure fishing, you’ll need a rod, reel, line and a monofilament of fluorocarbon leader – plus the lures, of course.

There are all kinds of lures to choose from, including soft plastic baits that look like lizards or frogs, spoons – so named because they’re curved and made from metal – and spinnerbaits, which vibrate and trick the fish into thinking they are a tasty morsel.

Then there are jigs, which are handy for targeting bottom-feeding fish, like plaice, because they sink well, and plugs – also known as crankbaits – which can be colourful and shaped like different kinds of bait. Or if you’re after the elusive carp, Future Carping might have the secret weapon you need to land a whopper.

Browse what’s on offer from our partner fishing tackle shops and pick out the perfect lures to level up your fishing skills.


Land a catch with quality clothing and kit


From waders and wellies to jackets and jumpers, nets and bags to boxes and bait, our partners have everything you need to ensure your fishing forays go swimmingly.

Look out for all the top tackle brands from the fly fishing world, including Cortland, Nautilus, Greys and Scott, as well as the leading names in lure fishing, like Berkley, Okuma, Penn and Shimano.

You’ll find clothing from Patagonia, Buff, Simms and Snowbee, and accessories from Fishpond, Wychwood, Grangers, Kelly Kettle plus many more.

Reeled in? Browse now to find a fishing retailer who floats your boat.


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