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At DivideBuy, we aim to provide a simple way to spread the cost of purchases, entirely interest free, so you are able to feel confident in managing your money in a way that suits your budget and lifestyle. However, not everything in life has to cost a lot or be budgeted for.

In honour of UK National Simplicity Day (July 12th), we’ve been looking at a few of the things you can do without having to spend much at all.


Here are some of our favourites…


1. Read a book –
There are plenty of books which can keep you entertained for hours. If reading isn’t for you, there are thousands of audiobooks available. You could also ask a friend to read the same book and then plan a time to discuss.

2. Explore like a tourist
Have you explored your own city the way you would if you were travelling? Just grab a tourist guide and start exploring.

3. Go bird-watching –
Ever been bird watching? Grab a bird-watching book from your local library or use online resources to help you tell the difference between the birds (and maybe a few facts to wow).

4. Take a forest nature walk or hike –
Fresh air is amazing for our bodies. You don’t need fancy equipment when wanting to explore nature, just head outside and follow where your feet take you.

5. Favourite recipes list –
Sometimes we forget our classic favourite recipes and they go un-made for months. Create your go-to recipes that everyone loves.

6. Relax with your favourite music (or have a dance party!) –
Listen to your favourite songs, the ones which spark memories. Or maybe it’s time to get your body moving by having a dance party. Moving your body is free and releases happy signals to your brain.

7. Stargaze –
Looking up at the great canopy of space is a powerful experience, which everyone can enjoy. Stargazing is a magical way to bring science alive and to experience the beauty of our natural world.

8. Build a fort –
Young or old, everybody loves a fort. It’s like your own castle. Kids can spend hours on end creating a fort with nothing more than chairs and blankets. You could even spend the night in your fort and pretend you’re camping.

9. Take a stroll down memory lane –
Pull out the old photo books, find your keepsake boxes, childhood drawings, or simply scroll to the top of your pictures and videos and revisit your memories.

10. Tidy your house, take care of what you already have –
Take a long, hard look at all your various objects and figure out what’s really important to you vs. what’s just taking up space.

11. Time capsule –
Make yourself a time capsule to be opened on a big birthday or in a big life year. Perhaps you could bury one in your back garden for future homeowners to find?

12. Watch a sunrise and sunset –
Find a spot to watch the sunrise and soak up the early morning rays. Then in the evening, watch the changing colours of sunsets. There are so many spots to watch and no two sunsets or rises will be the same.

13. Take a nap –
Who doesn’t want a nap? Take care of yourself and take a step back from the busyness of life. Naptime is a special treat and doesn’t cost a penny.

14. Learn a foreign language –
With so many apps and websites available, you can teach yourself how to speak a foreign language much quicker than you would think.

15. Count your blessings –
Too many times we take for granted what we have. Take time to start writing a list of everything you are grateful for. These blessings have enriched your life, find ways to enrich someone else’s.


There are many ways to enjoy the simple things


Entertaining yourself and your family doesn’t have to mean spending large sums of money. Sometimes it’s the simplest excursions or activities that are the most enjoyable and memorable.


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