Online fraud and how to avoid it
Online shopping scams cost Brits £58m in 2018. But that doesn’t mean online shopping is risky. Buying products online can just as safe as shopping in-store, but some of the risks are different, so you need to know what they are – and how not to get caught out. However, there are many different types […]
Isolation Inspiration
As the news of coronavirus spreads and a lot of us are self-isolating for the foreseeable future, we have a few ideas to help keep on top of your mind if you have to self-isolate or feel safer staying indoors. Here are our top 10 inspiration ideas to keep you busy whilst staying safe. Start […]

Month: January 2020

January 2020
Lights, Camera, Action: The Xperience Group in the Spotlight
Xperience Photography Our memories are something that makes us human. The wish to capture what we see is held by all people across the globe. So, what if we can capture those memories to last a lifetime? Here at DivideBuy, we work with a large variety of amazing photographers who offer a selection of family […]
31st January 2020
Is January still a slow month?
How to beat the retail January blues January’s traditionally been a tricky month for retailers. Purses are empty after the Christmas buying frenzy. Wallets are bare. Belts are tightened. Or so the story goes. But is it really the case? If we look at data from this time last year, the stats suggest the opposite, […]
20th January 2020
Spread the cost of your shopping
You’ve toured the local shops and perused the retail websites, and you’ve found the perfect item you want to buy. Trouble is, it’s quite a lot to fork out in one hit, and payday is a week or two away. So, do you walk away? Or do you wait until payday and hope that it’s […]
1st January 2020

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