4 Reasons Why Your Customers are Abandoning their Baskets
Shopping Cart Abandonment The UK wears the crown when it comes to internet shopping and we lead the world with our love of virtual retail therapy. More than a third of the population buy something online at least weekly, and yet almost three-quarters of customers tend to abandon their baskets before checking out – why? […]
Is January still a slow month?
How to beat the retail January blues January’s traditionally been a tricky month for retailers. Purses are empty after the Christmas buying frenzy. Wallets are bare. Belts are tightened. Or so the story goes. But is it really the case? If we look at data from this time last year, the stats suggest the opposite, […]

Month: October 2016

October 2016
Spread the cost of your shopping
You’ve toured the local shops and – more likely – perused the retail websites, and you’ve found the perfect item you want to buy. Trouble is, it’s quite a lot to fork out in one hit, and payday is a week or two away. So do you walk away? Or do you wait until payday […]
7th October 2016