Black Friday / Cyber Monday
Bag the best Black Friday bargains There may be a bit of debate over what Black Friday means in the UK – after all, how relevant is the day after Thanksgiving in a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving? – but whether you embrace it or not, there’s no denying that Black Friday – and its […]
Brexit Uncertainty
Don’t let the Brexit Grinch steal Christmas! As the nation continues to grapple with the uncertainty around Brexit, it’s perhaps no surprise that consumer confidence has taken a bit of a tumble. But with Christmas approaching fast, putting a kybosh on spending is just not an option. That’s where DivideBuy’s interest free credit option can […]
October 2016
Spread the cost of your shopping
You’ve toured the local shops and – more likely – perused the retail websites, and you’ve found the perfect item you want to buy. Trouble is, it’s quite a lot to fork out in one hit, and payday is a week or two away. So do you walk away? Or do you wait until payday […]
7th October 2016

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