12 activities you can do outside this summer

It’s been a scorching spring this year, and summer is already hotting up, too. When the weather’s good, there’s nothing better than getting outside and enjoying the sun with friends and family.


Lockdown might mean some activities are still out of bounds, but as restrictions begin to be eased, there are even more opportunities to have fun and stay healthy in the open air.


Taking inspiration from some of the retailers that offer DivideBuy’s interest-free credit option to enable you to split purchases over several monthly payments, we’ve put together some ideas for activities you can enjoy safely outdoors.


And because our retail partners are all independent retailers, you can be sure that anything you do purchase is supporting an independent UK business during this challenging period.


Get on your bike

Cycling has become one of the nation’s favourite pastimes during lockdown. Spoke Bike Shop allows you to build your own custom mountain bike that you can take just about anywhere. Or if three wheels are more your thing, Jorvik’s beautiful and compact range of tricycles are perfect for leisurely rides around the neighbourhood.


Host a family garden party

The Pizza Oven Shop believes everyone should be able to make their own authentic stone baked pizzas in the comfort of their own garden. If you’re missing your favourite neighbourhood pizzeria, this might be the next best thing. Or if pizza isn’t on your menu, take a look at a traditional wood-burning stove from Anevay, perfect for everything from fry-ups to marshmallows. Or just to keep warm on chilly evenings!


Go fishing

It’s the biggest participation sport in the UK and the isolation means that it’s perfect for social distancing. Whether you’re a beginner or an old sea salt, Sportfish has everything you need to get involved.


Scoot up

A scooter is a fast and fun way to get around – with no social distancing worries. Swifty Scooters have lots of different models to choose from, from sleek and sporty to professional commuting scooters.


Get a thrill on the grill

Handy with the old barbecue tongues? With a huge range of gas and grill systems, GardenBox.co.uk has everything you need to upgrade in 2020 and cook up a lockdown storm.


Build a festival quality sound system

Missing festival season this year? You can bring the music home with festival-quality sound systems at home with Bishop Sound. Maybe check with the neighbours first before you host your personal Glaston-garden!


Do it yourself garden projects

Lockdown might be the perfect opportunity to get started on that long-delayed landscaping, groundwork or DIY construction project. And GCL Products have everything you need to make it happen.


Perfect your pull-ups

Pining for the gym? No problem. Fitness Tree is a unique outdoor gym system with a very small footprint – ideal for gardens and backyards. Or pop over to the Strength Shop for a huge range of fitness products to keep you in tiptop shape.


Supercharge your motor

Want to customise your car or supercharge your motorcycle? DivideBuy is pleased to work with a wide variety of automotive businesses that you can browse on our website.


Get some target practice

Airsoft ranges may be closed for the time being, but you can still practice your shooting skills at home with Airsoft Direct’s range of top-quality air guns and targets.


Jump in the hot tub

What better way to cool down this summer than a hot tub? A relaxing dip in the hot tub is just the ticket in stressful situations. AllSeasonsGazebos.com has a wide range of affordable tubs for all kinds of families and all sizes of gardens.


Camp out in the garden

Campsites might be off limits at the moment, but garden camping can be just as enjoyable (and the toilets tend to be much cleaner!) Outdoor Camping Direct has everything you need for a night under the stars in the garden.


Head over to shopping directory for more inspiration on safe, affordable ways to have fun outdoors this summer. Or learn more about DivideBuy’s interest-free credit option.

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